SUU Orientation


Madi Davis

Madi Davis

Major: Music Education
Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
Year in School: Sophomore

Favorite thing about SUU: One of my favorite things about Southern Utah University is that it is a small campus. This has allowed me to have one on one attention from my professors which is crucial for my learning style. I also love how great the music department as a whole is. They are understanding always extremely helpful!

Biggest Freshman Mistake: Not knowing how difficult it really is to be a music major. I went into college thinking I was great at what I did, then I received a very humbling experience and realized there was A LOT for me to learn.

Piece of Advice: Stay on top of things! As you move away from home, there are myriad of new responsibilities that are on your shoulders. It is easy to fall behind - whether it be with your class work, FAFSA, textbooks, ANYTHING! It is important that you write out what you must get done and accomplish them! Organization and prioritizing is key.