Upward Bound

Full-time Staff

Leanne Maxwell - Director
Director 3
I love the Upward Bound program, and I am thrilled to be a part of it! I was actually a low-income, first generation student, raised in the small southern Utah town of Glendale. I learned early from my parents that education is very important, so after I graduated from Valley High School, I was one of the few girls in my high school graduating class who went on to graduate college. I received a BA in Family and Consumer Science at Southern Utah State College (now Southern Utah University). I moved away from Cedar City for many years, but I returned in 1992 and immediately began taking classes to obtain my teacher certification in Home Economics. I continued on to complete a Masters in Education in May of 2000. I am thrilled to have a position with the SUU Upward Bound project because I love education and want all the UB students to love it too. I have been Director of Upward Bound at SUU since 1995 and I enjoy working with high school students because I believe that gaining an education is one of the most important things a person can do with their life! I'd like to see every student go to school after high school. I truly believe that the only thing more expensive than education is not obtaining an education!!

Brian Fullerton - Assistant Director
Brian Fullerton
After finishing a degree at Southern Utah University, I moved to Ohio where I worked with urban youth in an after-school setting. This work opened my eyes to the importance of education. There are many young students out there who don’t have access or the necessary support to achieve a higher education. And there are countless studies that show how important a college degree is: not only for our financial well being, but for our personal happiness as well.

I am excited to work for Upward Bound at SUU and help students realize and achieve their goal of higher education. I love Cedar City and the surrounding area, almost as much as I love the people who live here. It is a far cry from my very urban experience, but I am learning everyday and enjoy working with students from all over southern Utah and northern Arizona. I believe that, armed with a college education, students will be better prepared to deal with the peaks and valleys that make up life, and more able to give back to the communities they came from.

Julie Wilcox - Student Secretary
Julie Wilcox

I grew up in a small town in Colorado where we had very few opportunities to learn about college, much less earn college credit. My family moved to Cedar City when I was in eighth grade, where I have been blessed with several great opportunities to help me succeed. I took several concurrent enrollment classes throughout high school, which definitely gave me a leg up as I started college at Southern Utah University. I am working toward my bachelor’s degree in Marketing, and then plan on earning my master’s of Business Administration shortly thereafter. Although I enjoy business and the challenges it offers, my real love is sewing and designing my own clothes. My big goal is to start a company that makes modest dresses for young women. I love that I have the opportunity to work for Upward Bound, since it is such a great program. I’m excited to learn more and help students have some of the wonderful opportunities that I was able to have.