Vice President for Student Affairs

Academic Probation

A student whose cumulative G.P.A. falls below 2.0 will be placed on academic probation for the following semester.  Students on academic probation will be required to participate in a class designed to assist them in getting off probation. 

Following a student's probation semester:

  1. If a student gets a 2.0 or better for the semester and their overall G.P.A. is brought above a 2.0, they are removed from probation.
  2. If a student gets a 2.0 or better for the semester but their overall G.P.A. is still below a 2.0, they move to "Progressing Probation."  They are still on probation but are not required to participate in the class.
  3. If a student gets below a 2.0 during the semester they are on probation, they are suspended from the university.  They can appeal for re-admittance to the university after two semesters.

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