Executive Council

About Us

  • The Student Body President sits on the Board of Trustees and presides over the Cabinet which consists of six students. 
  • The Academic Vice President sits as an ex-officio member of the Dean's Council and leads the SUUSA Academic Senate. 
  • The Clubs & Student Leadership Vice President oversees all clubs and student organizations on campus and leads a student board of Club Directors. 
  • The Activities Vice President plans, programs, and coordinates campus wide activities for students and leads a student staff of Event Directors that are known as the Student Activities Board or "StAB"

Jeffrey Hertig, SUUSA President  

Jeff Hertig - Student Body President 
Office Hours: M 1-3pm, T 11:30-12:30pm

Bailey Bowthorpe, VP of Academics    

Bailey Bowthorpe - Vice President of Academics
Office Hourse: M 8am-10pm, TF 12-2pm, W 1-4pm, R 10-12pm

Madison Day - Vice President of Clubs
Office Hours: M 10-11am, T 10-5pm off and on, R 2-4pm, F 2-5pm

Kaleigh Wayment - Activities Vice President
Office Hours: M 1-3pm, T 2-3pm, 4-5pm, R 1-5pm

Ryan Bailey - Vice President of Athletics
Office Hours: MWF 12-2pm, T 11:30-2pm, R1-5pm