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With graduation approaching, fall semester is not far behind.  Are you prepared and ready to start your education past high school?  Get a head start and do as much as you can before you leave high school.  Below is a list of tips and suggestions that will help you prepare for you first college experience.

1.  Financial Aid - complete the FAFSA even if you don't think you will qualify.

2.  Follow through - once your FAFSA has been filed check with the financial aid office of the school that you plan to attend.  There is always additional paperwork.

3.  Scholarships - accept or claim your scholarship.  Watch your school account to make sure it has been paid.  If you don't see that it has been paid find out why.

4.  Fees - some schools such as SUU and the University of Utah require a commitment or enrollment fee.  You must either pay the fee or defer it before you can register. 

5.  Orientation - register for & attend freshman orientation.  Most schools require freshman to register for this orientation before they can register for classes.

6.  Classes - meet with an academic advisor to register for classes.  See your ETS advisor if you need help finding out who your college academic advisor will be.

7.  Tuition - pay your tuition.  If you have scholarships and financial aid they will be automatically paid.

8.  Housing - decide where you are living and put a deposit down. 

9.  Summer Job - find a summer job.  College is an investment but expensive.  You will need money and experience.

10.  Bank Account -  get a bank account.  You can't always wait for dad or mom to send cash.

11.  Budget - learn to budget your money.  Set a limit for yourself each month and stick to it.  Keep track of how much money you spend and need.

12.  Campus - know the campus.  Find your classrooms before your first day of class.

13.  Resources - being a college student has it's benefits.  Find the help centers for free tech support, health centers, student support services, free tutoring, etc...

14.  Students - talk to current students they can give you valuable information and resources.

15.  Professors - get to know your professors when you start class.  They will help you with more than just homework.

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 ACT Exam:  Apr 18

ACT Registration Deadline:  May 8, for Jun Exam

Closing Social:  May 15th

ICSD Graduation:  May 21st

Last Day of School:  ICSD May 22nd, Kane Co May 28th, MHS & BHS May 29th. 

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