Student Support Center

Student Support Services

Student Support Services, a project funded by the U.S. Department of Education, assists college students with developmental classes, skills courses, academic and tutorial support, and advisement. The program serves students who meet certain criteria.

College students who desire the help of Student Support Services can be:

  • First-time students who wish to strengthen English, math, and study skills and/or explore career decisions.
  • First-generation college students (that is, neither parent has a bachelor's degree).
  • Students who have lower financial incomes.
  • Re-entry or non-traditional students who want to improve talents or skills.
  • Students who use English as a second language and are citizens or nationals of the United States.
  • Students with physical or learning disabilities who need assistance coordinating individualized services.

Classes include:
  • Math 0950 - Pre-Algebra
  • Math 0990 - Beginning Algebra
  • Math 1010 and 1050 also have Student Support Services sections
  • Math 1030

Classes below 1000 level do not count toward graduation requirements.

The English writing support that SSS offers is a section of Engl 0990 which students take in conjunction with Engl 1010. This class is recommended for any student entering SUU with a score of 16 or lower on the ACT English subset or those needing additional support in writing. SSS staff will also work individually with students to improve writing skills.

Students who have not had algebra in high school or who have not taken a mathematics course for several years may want to begin with Math 0950 or Math 0990.

Math 0950 - Pre-Algebra - This class helps students learn the mathematical concepts necessary to study algebra and is particularly helpful for students who did not have algebra in high school or have been out of school for a number of years.
Math 0990 - Beginning Algebra - This class helps students prepare for Math 1010 by teaching the basic algebraic skills of working with signed numbers, solving equations, factoring, and other topics. The class brings the student's algebraic skills up to expectation for entrance into Intermediate Algebra, Math 1010, and is recommended for students whose math ACT score is 17 or below.

Math Tutorial Support - The math staff provides tutorial support Monday through Friday, inclusive, to assist students in beginning, intermediate, and advanced math courses.

Questions? Call Lynne Brown at (435) 586-7771 (e-mail: or write Student Support Services, Southern Utah University, Cedar City, UT 84720