Using the SUU Photo Source

The Publications and Photo Services office keeps a general purpose photo archive online at These photos are for the use of Southern Utah University entities who need photos for normal promotional or in-house activities. They MAY NOT be used by outside entities for any purpose without the express written consent of the Office of University Relations (

Also, please remember that if you are creating materials that will be seen by the public, we ask that you send us a proof before going to print to ensure professional standards of design, photography, resolution and communication are followed.

NOTE: Photos of intercollegiate athletes have a number of restrictions on their use. If you wish to use a photo of one of SUU's student-athletes, please contact Ken Beazer to make sure such use does not violate NCAA regulations.

Directions for using the photo source website

  • Contact our office at or 435-586-1931 to receive the password.
  • Go to the website and enter the password to gain access to the galleries.
  • Pick a gallery to browse through; you may want to try "General Photos" and one of its sub galleries first.
  • You can flip through the pages in the gallery by using the arrows and text at the top of the gallery box.
  • At any time while browsing, you may click on a thumbnail photo and it will appear larger in a viewing box.
  • When you mouse over the large photo in the viewing box, you will see a popup style box on the right. Click on the size of the photo that you need. (we usually recommend  "original" to give you the most resolution leeway, but the smaller sizes can often work just fine too, especially if all you need is a Web quality image).
  • The photo will reappear in a new window. Click on the "Save photo" at  the top of the window and the photo will be saved to your download location. Click on the photo itself to return to the gallery you were just in.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or problems.

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