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Instructions for Adding Events

Log into the calendar using your campus username/password.

Click on the date for the day you would like to add an event.

Event Name/Title: Please keep the name limited to less than 10 words. Make sure to give your event some kind of context so that when it is displayed with several other events it will make sense.
example: 'Student Paintball War' instead of 'Paintball'
Do not use HTML tags in this field.

Calendar: Many admins will only have access to one calendar, but if the admin has access to multiple calendars, please make sure to categorize the event in the appropriate category.

Date: The date of the event

Display on Public Calendar: Calendars can be established for specific departments so they can announce events to their internal audience. If the department is sponsoring an event that they would like to open to the general public, checking this box will display the event in the main events calendar on the University's home page. If you are maintaining a departmental calendar do not make all events public, especially if events are items already included in the main calendars (academic calendar items, athletic events, etc.) or if the event only pertains to your internal audience (meetings, deadlines, etc.)

Repeat: Events can be placed in the calendar as a repeating event if it spans several days. Make certain the information is correct.

Start Time: Try to include a start time for events. If an event is added without a start time, it will display above the day's timed events. Please remember to go back and update the time if it changes or was unknown when the event was added.

End Time: This is not required. It is just included for the convenience of users who would like to plan their schedule using the calendars.

Contact Person/Department: This can be a person's name or a department's name. It will display when a user views an events details.

Contact E-mail: This needs to be a valid e-mail address since the user has the option of sending questions to the contact. The address can be an individual's e-mail address, even if there is a department name listed.
example: Sponsoring Department Name and listing the department secretary's e-mail address

Detailed Description: This area can contain as much information as warranted to give an adequate description of the event. The more information placed here makes a user more likely to be interested in an event. The date, time, and title are displayed above this description, so they do not need to be re-entered into this box. This area can include several HTML commands to make the description display neatly.

this command is used to make the text drop down a row. Two can be used to create double-spacing.

<a href="LINK" target="_blank">Link Text</a>
This command is used to create a link to another page. replace the text LINK with the URL of the website you wish to link to (including the http://) and replace the Link Text info with text that you wish to have displayed as a link in the description.

This command is used to make the text it surrounds bold.

This command is used to make the text it surrounds italicized.

The event will take place on the upper quad. Protective jumpsuits, equipment and donuts will be provided.<br><br>

<strong>Price:</strong> Free!<br>
<strong>Who:</strong> All SUU students, faculty and staff

Visit <a href="http://www.paintball.com" target="_blank">paintball.com</a> to learn more about the sport of paintball.

Requesting a New Calendar

Departments can request a calendar. Requests must be sent to webservices@suu.edu and will need to include the following information:

- Name of the Department
- Name of the person in the department that will maintain the calendar
- Campus username of the person that will maintain the calendar.

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