125th Celebration Virtual Art Gallery Invitation

Calling all artists! Be a part of the next chapter of SUU's history by celebrating its past through creative expression. SUU is seeking entries for it's digital gallery throughout the 125th year of the university's founding. We will have three themes that artists can choose from. We have incredible artists in the SUU community--whether they are alumni, faculty and staff, SUU students, community members, or K-12 students. We are thrilled to see the amazing works you create to celebrate SUU's 125th anniversary and honor those who founded and continue to make this a great university.

Keep the submissions coming throughout the year!

SUU 125 Years - Capture, Share, Imagine, Paint, Draw, Sculpt, Visualize, Create


SUU Past

Artistic interpretations of SUU's history.

SUU Present

The Current SUU Experience in artistic form.

SUU Future

Artistic imagining of SUU's Future.

Exhibit Rules and Regulations

Southern Utah University is curating a Visual Art Gallery to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the founding of the University. SUU invites submissions in all mediums for consideration for display in the Visual Art Gallery. SUU will select for presentation submissions that celebrate SUU history, achievements, and traditions. In an effort to maintain professional gallery practices, Southern Utah University (SUU) implements the following rules and regulations for the 125th Virtual Art exhibit.

We ask that Artists and Art makers read and adhere to the rules and regulations, as SUU reserves the right to refuse submission to any Exhibit and will not accept artworks that do not comply with the below stated rules and regulations.

No fee is required for submission to the 125th Virtual Art Gallery.

All entries must be original works, please be mindful of copyright infringements.

Copies and reproductions of original works of art, whether embellished or not, are not eligible for submission to exhibits. However, fine art prints such as photographs, lithographs, woodcuts, engravings, etchings, screenprints, and digital works are acceptable as long as they are labeled as such and numbered as an edition.

Digital Format: JPEG (jpg)

Minimum Measurement: 1000px on the longest side of the image

Maximum Files Size: 1MB

Work accepted for an exhibition may not be substituted, nor will any artwork be withdrawn during any exhibition, in any circumstance.

All Entries will be reviewed after the submission period has ended to ensure adherence to the artwork condition rules and regulations of the exhibit.

Inclusion / Exclusion in the exhibit is at the sole discretion of the SUU 125th Virtual Art Gallery Committee. The committee will review artwork for adherence to SUU rules and regulations only and reserves the right to reject submissions for display based on the terms stated within.

SUU reserves the right to reject for display any submissions that it deems inappropriate for our younger viewers or offensive in the subject matter.

Submissions with nudity, discriminatory, or violent messages may not be selected for display in the Virtual Art Gallery per the Committee.

Placement and position of submissions in the 125th Virtual Art Gallery is random and based on the order approved.