Download 125th Celebration Assets

125th Celebration Logos

These are the official 125th celebration logos for Southern Utah University and should be used wherever possible, paired with other SUU Branding. Use in either full color on white, or black or white on SUU-Red. Keeping to only those two color variations will build repetition and visual equity in the SUU brand.

The primary logo should be used in most cases. The secondary logo should be used in applications where the logo needs to be very small, or the printing medium will not work well with the complexity of the primary logo (such as screen-printing). Please reach out to the Marketing Communication Office if you have any questions about your specific use-case.

Clear Space: The width of the “125”. Minimum clear space is the width of the “12”. Minimum Size: 1.5”

SUU 125 Primary Logo
SUU 125 Primary Logo Black
Primary One Color
SUU 125 Reverse Primary Logo
Primary Reversed
SUU 125 Secondary Logo
SUU 125 Secondary Logo Black
Secondary One Color
SUU 125 Reverse Secondary Logo
Secondary Reversed

Download 125th Celebration Logos

125th Templates

Various templates have been developed to help you incorporate SUU’s 125th Celebration into your presentations and marketing materials. Graphics used for slideshows, social media, campus marketing channels (A-frames, digital screens, etc.), and other sizes are available for you to use.

Don’t see the size you need? Email the Marketing Communication Office at and we can build what you’re looking for.

125 powerpoint template preview
PowerPoint Template

125 social media post preview
Social Media Template

125 flyer template
Flyer Template

125th Email Signatures

Spread the word of SUU’s 125th Celebration by updating your email signature.

125 animated email signature alternate

Updating Email Signatures