2009-2011 Catalog

The online catalog is updated with the most recent curriculum changes only. All other changes, including personnel and leadership, are updated on college and department websites.

2009-2011 Catalog Cover for SUU

Chapter 1: An Introduction to SUU

Chapter 2: General Policies

Chapter 3: Admissions

Chapter 4: Registration Policy & Procedures

Chapter 5: Grades and Credit

Chapter 6: Tuition and Fees

Chapter 7: Financial Aid and Scholarships

Chapter 8: Student Housing

Chapter 9: Student Services

Chapter 10: Continuing and Professional Studies

Chapter 11: Gerald R. Sherratt Library

Chapter 12: Academic Advising

Chapter 13: Obtaining a Degree at SUU

Chapter 14: General Education Requirements

Chapter 15: Summary of Programs and Courses

Chapter 16: Graduate Professional Studies

Academic Departments: Programs and Courses

Course Descriptions
CHANGES: Course Descriptions (11/29/10)

Faculty and Staff