Distinguished Scholarly/Creative Activity Awards

Appropriate scholarly and creative work for submission includes (but is not limited to) textbooks, academic books, book chapters, journal articles, poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, juried dance pieces, juried art pieces, published music, set designs, curated online repositories and multimedia materials, and video productions.Those nominated or self-nominated for the Distinguished Scholarly/Creative Activity Awards are required to submit a cover letter which lists and briefly summarizes pertinent, scholarly document(s) or project(s). The letter must provide evidence that the nominated work was produced or published within the last academic year and that it constitutes scholarly “juried” work evaluated by peers. In addition, it should include mention of other participants (if applicable) and state if the work has been nationally or internationally recognized through previous awards (with documentation of the award(s) or recognition). The cover letter should, if possible, also include the acceptance rates of papers to a journal or acceptance rates of a project to a showing or exhibition. Moreover, the submission should provide evidence of the impact of the work, e.g. an analysis of the bearing and scope of the paper or project within the field of study. Quantity of work published in prominent journals or the prestige of a venue (i.e. gallery, competition) will also be taken into consideration.

These awards recognize three faculty members for distinguished academic achievement in scholarship, which is defined by scholarly and/or creative work that has been peer-reviewed and judged to be superior. A Faculty Senate subcommittee votes on nominations and selects the recipients of this award.

  • Any faculty member is eligible.
  • Any faculty member is eligible to nominate or self-nominate

Nominations open: January 14-29, 2022. Nominations are now closed.

Past Recipients