Office of the Provost

Distinguished Scholarly/Creative Activity Awards

These awards recognize three faculty members for distinguished academic achievement in scholarship, which is defined by scholarly and/or creative work that has been peer-reviewed and judged to be superior. A Faculty Senate subcommittee votes on nominations and selects the recipients of this award.

  • Any faculty member is eligible.
  • Any faculty member is eligible to nominate or self-nominate

Nominations open: January 1-31, 2020

Distinguished Scholarly/Creative Activity Awards Past Recipients

  • 2018-19: James M. Aton, Sangho Bok, Matthew Eddy
  • 2017-18: Kyle Bishop, Bruce Haslem, Scott Lanning
  • 2016-17: Mark DeBeliso, Ravi Roy, Dezhi Wu
  • 2015-16: Danielle Dubrasky, Shobha Gurung, Jon Smith

Please note, in 2015-16, the structure of this award changed from a single Outstanding Scholar award to three Distinguished Scholarly/Creative Activity Awards

Outstanding Scholar Award Past Recipients

Individuals are nominated by the Faculty Senate. Criteria include: Peer-reviewed and published scholarship and creative achievement.

  • 2014-15: Mark DeBeliso
  • 2013-14: Dezhi Wu
  • 2012-13: Peter Sham
  • 2011-12: David Berry
  • 2010-11: Shalini Kesar
  • 2009-10: Jim Aton
  • 2008-09: Gerald Calvasina
  • 2007-08: Todd Petersen
  • 2006-07: Larry Ping
  • 2005-06: James Vlasich
  • 2004-05: S. S. Moorty
  • 2003-04: Gerald Calvasina
  • 2002-03: David Christensen
  • 2001-02: Jon Smith, Helen Chuang
  • 2000-01: Jim Bowns