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Outstanding Educator Award


Brian Swanson

Professor Brian Swanson is an accomplished Technical Director who has brought to Southern Utah University a high standard of expertise developed through his education at the Yale University School of Drama, along with professional experience with the Aspen Opera
Theatre Company and the Utah Shakespeare Festival. He is a passionate educator, committed to student growth. Since Brian began working for the University in 2008, he has become known for his student focus and dedication to engaged learning that reaches far beyond the classroom. Brian takes the time to identify and develop the individual strengths within each student he teaches with a sincere interest that inspires his students to reach beyond their own expectations. He often helps them find internships and employment. In fact, due in part to Brian’s efforts, every one of the BFA students from last year gained summer employment in the areas of their specialization with regional and national theatre associations.

Past Recipients

Outstanding Scholar


Mark DeBeliso

As a professor of physical education and human performance, Dr. Mark DeBeliso is a top contributor to his field of study. An impressive record of scholarly productivity, he has authored 23 peer-reviewed publications in 13 different journals since 2013, many in journals with low acceptance rates and high impact factors. Further, he has an additional 18 professional presentations at the international, national and local level. Garnering international attention, Dr. DeBeliso won the Best Research Paper award from the International Journal of Science and Engineering Investigations in 2013. Moreover, he was awarded Fellow status in the American College of Sports Medicine. Only 13 of these awards were given out worldwide during this review cycle. Mark is also a passionate teacher, often including students in his scholarly pursuits. Of his impressive list of publications, 78% involved student co-authorship. He is an asset to his students and the entire campus community. Mark began working for SUU in 2010.

Past Recipients

Distinguished Educators


Todd Mack

Todd Mack photo

Todd Mack brings an energy and enthusiasm to the classroom that makes every lecture he teaches truly special. As an assistant professor of Spanish, Dr. Mack cares that his students actually internalize and retain the material rather than simply pass each test to pass the class. Integrating social media into his lectures, students find his classes to be relevant and exciting. Of a recent class with Dr. Mack, one student said, “This class was the first time I have ever looked forward to homework.” Professor Mack also takes time outside of class to provide help and information to students who need a little extra attention. Additionally, Dr. Mack has recorded over 20 Youtube learning videos which his students can use to master their Spanish skills outside of the classroom. Dr. Mack earned his PhD from Stanford University in Iberian and Latin American Cultures in 2012 and was hired by Southern Utah University soon after. He continues to earn top student evaluations in all of his classes.

Andrew Marvick

Andrew Marvick Photograph

Dr. Andrew Marvick combines his wealth of discipline-specific knowledge and passion for teaching to deliver excellent classes semester after semester. As an art historian, Andrew teaches western art, Renaissance, nonwestern art, and Twentieth Century art. For specific emphasis areas, he also teaches courses in Nineteenth Century art and American art. As he teaches, Andrew instills in students context for their creative field as well as a deep understanding and appreciation for each piece of art work. He demands high quality from students within a nurturing, personalized approach that is inspiring to watch. Additionally, Andrew is an asset to his field with over 15 publications on topics ranging from cultural politics to international art. He has also displayed his own art in exhibits and collections around the country.

Amanda Wilford

Amanda Wilford photograph

Even though Amanda is young faculty member, just now completing her third year, she has an impressive teaching record. Despite her limited teaching experience, last year Amanda had the second highest score from student evaluations in the School of Business. Her students say she teaches with clear objectives, grades fairly, and goes the extra mile to help them understand the material—not always an easy task for a professor with challenging subject matter—accounting—to begin with. In all her classes, she goes to great pains to help students understand why the material in every chapter is important and relevant to their aspirations, even if they are not accounting majors. Amanda also does well in scholarly activity and service. She recently published a paper in a top-tier accounting journal, the first of SUU’s faculty to do so. She has also served on two department-level committees and has been a reviewer for another
top journal.

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