University Curriculum Committees & Changes

All curriculum changes are submitted and evaluated through Curriculog, an online curriculum management system. A link is available in the Portal under "Resources," and you can also access the site directly at You will sign in with your regular SUU account through integrated single-sign on.

Training is available for individuals and groups. You can request training via this Google Form. Additionally, training videos and other resources are available on the Curriculog Training Canvas shell

You can view the university-level deadlines here: 2022-2023 Curriculum and Catalog Deadlines 

One important item of note is that, due to changes with the academic scheduling process and deadlines, all course modifications may only be submitted in the Fall semester. This will allow time for Academic Scheduling to input changes into the upcoming year's schedule before it goes live for students to access. See Policy 6.46 Academic Scheduling and Calendar section III.D.5. New courses and program modifications will continue to be accepted through the beginning of Spring semester but must be submitted and approved before the catalog publication date in late February.

If you encounter any issues when using Curriculog, please reach out to for help.

Minutes (2020-2021 and After)

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