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UPDATED 10/8/2019:

Thank you again for your continued patience as SUU implements a new curriculum management software, Curriculog. The Associate Provost's Office is happy to announce that Curriculog is now available! A link should be added to the Portal under "Resources" soon, but in the meantime you can access the site directly at You will sign in with your regular SUU account.

Training will be starting the week of October 14, 2019. You can request a training via this Google Form. Additionally, training videos and other resources area available on the Curriculog Training Canvas shell. While only a few videos are uploaded now, please check back regularly throughout the next couple of weeks as more are added.

As a reminder, the only curriculum accepted during October will be new R401 proposals. Please plan on all other curriculum being considered in November 2019 or January 2020. We highly suggest getting any course changes in for November 2019 so they can be included when the Registrar's Office builds the Fall 2020 schedule in December. You can view the university-level deadlines here:

If you encounter any issues when using Curriculog, please reach out to for help.


UPDATED 8/5/2019:

Thank you for your patience as we continue to work out the curriculum and catalog process for next year. We have made several changes, as outlined below, to better incorporate changes to the academic calendar and the curriculum management system.

The schedule for the 2019-2020 academic year curriculum due dates and UUCC/UGCC meeting times is available online. There are several significant differences than in previous years:

  1. The first round of full curriculum submission is in October. This later date is to allow for training on the Curriculog curriculum management system, which will replace the PDF curriculum forms campus-wide. More details on Curriculog training will be forthcoming as we finalize the implementation process. The old PDF forms have been removed from the Provost’s Office website and should not be submitted for curriculum in October 2019 and beyond.
  2. We have only one round of curriculum submission in Spring 2020 before the General Catalog is published. Please plan your curriculum changes accordingly—earlier is better.
  3. The General Catalog will be published on February 14, 2020, a month before the previous publication dates, as a result of the changes to the academic calendar starting in January 2020. Because the Spring semester will end sooner, students will need to register for Fall 2020 courses sooner, meaning any changes to the programs and/or courses will need to be established by the time registration is available to them. We have worked with the Registrar’s Office and Academic Advising to develop a timeline that gives A) the Registrar’s Office time to make the curriculum changes, B) Student Success Advisors notice of the changes to communicate them to students, and C) students time to register before the semester ends.
  4. The catalog copy deadlines have been adjusted to reflect the changed catalog publication date. We realize that some of these dates are not ideal (being close to the Winter Break and before the Spring 2020 semester begins), so please budget your time carefully. We will always accept catalog copy changes before these deadlines as well.

Another change we have made (not reflected in the attachment) is to the “lead term” for academic changes. Up through the 2019-2020 General Catalog, course and program changes went into effect in the Summer semester for new students and students changing their catalogs. Having Summer as a lead term created several issues, such as students entering to program requirements they weren’t expecting, the Registrar’s Office having to update multiple courses after they have already been scheduled for Summer, a limited turnaround time to update Degree Works audits, et cetera. Therefore, starting with the 2020-2021 General Catalog, the “lead academic term” will be the Fall semester. (Summer 2020 will be covered under the current 2019-2020 General Catalog.) We hope this change will help alleviate some of the mentioned issues, as well as align practice with what campus generally views as the start of the academic year. This also means that any curriculum changes approved in the 2019-2020 academic year will go into effect in Fall 2020.

Please contact Katya Konkle ( with any questions about these changes.


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