Provost Fellows Program

Provost Fellows have been part of SUU for some time, at least dating back to 2004. This title or something similar has been used in the Honors Program, Community Engagement, Title IX, Parks and Partnerships, Service-Learning, Jumpstart, and the Entrepreneurship Council to name a few. We continue this tradition by inviting a small group of faculty to participate in the Provost's Fellows Program.

Faculty members, preferably those with little or no administrative experience, have the opportunity to apply for a one-year appointment. During the year of service, each Provost Fellow engages in a joint problem solving exercise around an institutional issue. As part of this work, the Provost Fellow will receive an inner look into how the administration operates. This experience is intended to provide fresh insight into current or future institutional challenges as well as to provide the faculty member an opportunity for growth.

The work typically includes attending meetings and sharing conversation with administrators and faculty in the assigned area of work. There are often lunches with the Office of the Provost and time to share ideas. This is not intended to be an administrative appointment, but an opportunity to explore the world of administrative work, create new collaborations, and learn how leadership operates in a shared governance environment.

The program was revamped in 2021-2022. Those who have served since this time are noted below. Each was invited to share a reflection on their experience, some of which are linked below.

Provost Fellows for 2021-2022

Dr. Crystal Riley Koenig
Dr. Corey L. Twitchell Dr. Andrew Misseldine

Dr. Chris W. Hall Dr. Mark Siemon  Dr. Matthew Rowley Mr. Kyle Thompson Dr. Joanna Matuszak
Dr. Jason Kaiser  Dr. Gary L. Wallace

Dr. Jennifer McKenzie

Dr. Lindsey Kolette Roper

Dr. Jennifer Mraz-Craig

Dr. Jeanne Subjack
Dr. Carrie Jo Bucklin