Faculty Relocation Assistance Guidelines

Changes to Faculty Relocation Assistance effective 2019

This document provides guidelines for relocation assistance to new academic employees

  1. SUU may provide a relocation assistance incentive for eligible moving expenses to prospective academic employees when the hiring department believes such an offer is a critical factor in securing a highly qualified applicant for a faculty or administrative position. In determining an appropriate incentive, the department should consider factors such as unusual qualifications and/or needs of the applicant, competitiveness of the applicable job market, budget available and estimated relocation costs.
  2. The hiring dean will contact the Provost's Office to request relocation assistance for a new academic employee. If the Provost's Office confirms that funding is available, the hiring dean will negotiate with the new employee and determine an agreeable relocation assistance/incentive plan in writing prior to the time the move takes place. This negotiation must include informing the employee that relocation assistance/incentive payment is considered compensation and must be taxed. The hiring dean is responsible for covering the amount of the reimbursement including applicable employment taxes. The relocation incentive/reimbursement must be made by check requisition, and the check requisition must be signed by the Provost and submitted to the payroll office. If applicable, the check requisition must be clearly marked as an ADVANCE payment and the employee should be notified of tax withholding as part of the negotiated reimbursement plan. Reimbursement for moving expenses is not to be made through expenditure transfer or by an adjustment to salary of the employee for time before he or she actually begins employment with the University.
  3. Relocation assistance payments may be provided to the employee by the University for items such as:
    • The cost of moving ordinary and customary personal and household goods, including insurance provided by the moving firm for packing, shipping, and insuring.
    • Mileage allowance for the employee and/or family to move to the new location.
    • The cost of lodging and food for the employee and immediate family during the relocation trip.
    • The costs associated with a trip to locate new housing.
  4. The amount of incentive/reimbursement will meet the following parameters:
    • The college/school will cover the base reimbursement (initial 1/3 of payment up to $1,000)
      • Please note, because the payment is processed through payroll, the college/school and Provost's office will both pay taxes on their portions of the reimbursement incentive.
      • The index the college/school will use for their portion of the incentive should be notated clearly on the check requisition
    • A summary of costs and copies of receipts must be submitted to the Provost's Office
    • Supplementing the base reimbursement will be a distance factor covered by the Provost's office, after the first 1/3 of the incentive/reimbursement is paid by the college/school. The typical supplement from the Provost's office for faculty is up to $2000. Individual circumstances may be considered in the supplemental decision.
    • The maximum incentive/reimbursement will be a total of $3,000 (minus taxes) for faculty and $6,000 (minus taxes) for academic administrators (e.g., department chairs, academic directors, deans, etc.) The college/school must provide the first 1/3 of each incentive, and any additional amounts above the total of $3,000. Because relocation incentives/reimbursements are taxable, the actual amount the faculty member receives will be less than $3,000 or $6,000, respectively.
Please direct any questions about how taxes are processed for this incentive to the Payroll Office.

Sample Faculty Relocation Incentive/Reimbursement Check Requisition