SUU Global Collaboration Short Term & HomeStay Programs

The department of Short Term Programs & HomeStay is centered on the idea that intercultural competency is directly related to a higher quality of life. Our programs are designed to make connections across cultures, for mutual learning and improvement. Through these programs, students learn about the systems of American academics, gaining a new outlook on education, and inspiration for their own goals. They practice English in a more meaningful manner, and apply it to enrich their lives. They get a new view of the personal value of volunteer work, explore new eye-opening topics, and come to feel at home in the U.S. It can be a truly life changing experience.

Our Objectives:

  • Facilitate intuitive and dynamic learning across and within cultures
  • Open minds to new growth experiences
  • Foster self-examination of learning expectations, personal motivation, and perception of abilities
  • Build confidence by helping students to increase creativity, gain practical knowledge, make a contribution, and logically defend their perspectives
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