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SUU Global Collaboration's Photo/Video  Gallery


A short-term student group enjoys the natural splendor of Capitol Reef national park.

Participants hone their teamwork and communication skills at the SUU ropes course.

Students work on their debate skills in the SUU mock courtroom.

Learning the skills that early U.S. settlers relied on in the Frontier Homestead State Park Museum

Program participants visit Pando, the world's second largest, and possibly oldest, living organism. Pando is one interconnected aspen tree, consisting of 40,000 trunks.

A group engineering challenge brings out the best in leadership skills and teamwork

Participants learn to balance their time, to care for their body and mind, even when they are busy with assignments.

Volunteer work is fun and beneficial, at the Cedar City half marathon.

Mixed nationality groups learn from each other, and have a great time at Zion National Park.


Community service provides a valuable learning experience at the Happy Factory - a unique organization that donates toys to needy children all over the world. 

Cardboard boat engineering challenge - only great teamwork and English communication will get you to the finish line.

Hiking at Bryce Canyon. Southern Utah has so many beautiful national parks that it's hard to see them all.