SUU Global Collaboration Short Term Programs for International Students

SUU's short term programs allow groups of 15 to 50 students to visit and learn on the SUU campus for 2, 3, or 4 weeks. Longer programs are also available. Your program is endlessly customizable. Themes, activities, classes, workshops and projects can be adapted to the specific needs and interests of your group. Contact us today to see what we can build for you.

SUU's focus in designing and implementing short term programs is simple. We aim to offer students a life-changing experience that will open their eyes and widen their mind. The most common remark we receive from students at the end of a program is "I will never forget this wonderful experience."

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Program Components

The academic, social, and team building activities the students participate in can be broken into several categories.

SUU Professor giving a lecture.

Workshops – SUU professors and professionals are brought in to teach on topics of interest to students. Workshops invite students to learn actively, get involved, discuss, and create. Example topics include: current global issues, creative writing, engineering challenges, culture and politics, public speaking, critical thinking, media production, and many more.

Classroom observation – Students grouped by major visit normal SUU classes. The academic system of the U.S. differs greatly from that of many other cultures. Observations provide a very authentic U.S. style learning experience, making students aware of the ways different cultures around the world study, and helping make them more competitive in a global economy.

Academic Life Activities – These activities help students to get a feel for real student life. They will experience the United States' strong emphasis on balancing academic life with social, recreational, and service pursuits. These activities may include meetings with clubs and student organizations, campus tours and student housing tours, as well as physical education, social activities, and sports.

SUU Students outdoor holding different nations flags.

Cultural Exposure Activities – Students learn about the culture and history of the U.S. – especially the western U.S. – from visits to museums and historical buildings, participation in early-settlement era traditions such as candle and butter making, and through hiking and outdoor activities.

Leadership and Team Building Activities – Relationships become stronger by working together. Team activities include challenges such as the SUU ropes course, projects such as team engineering challenges and debates.

Students making toys at The Happy Factory

Service projects – These allow students the chance to enrich their own lives and understanding by giving their time in service. Examples of services projects can include cultural presentations at local schools, reading to struggling students, or working at the Happy Factory – a charity that makes toy cars to donate to needy children all around the world.

English Exposure - Students will interact frequently with native English speakers. Multiple trained counselors will be in attendance at all group events to answer questions, help with projects, and befriend the students.

Day and Overnight Trips – Student experiences in the program are augmented by visits to other locations. Based on the focus of the program and the time of year, these trips can include a visit to Salt Lake City (a bustling western metropolis), Zion National Park – (to go hiking in one of the most beautiful and heavily attended national parks in the U.S.), Eagle Point Ski Resort (to go skiing in Utah's "Greatest Snow on Earth") or Las Vegas (the "Entertainment Capital of the World").

Optional Trips – For an additional price, trips can be added that allow students to experience a wider variety of the United States. Trips to the Grand Canyon, Los Angeles California, San Francisco California, Washington D.C. and many other locations can be arranged.

Program Details

Each program varies in cost based on its specific itinerary, but the average cost is $770 per student per week. This price includes:

  • Transportation between the Las Vegas international airport and the SUU campus at the beginning and end of the program.
  • Homestay housing with laundry and kitchen facilities
  • Three meals per day, provided by the homestay family
  • All fees, materials, instruction, and transportation for itinerary events
  • Multiple counselors and supervisors to work closely with the students on all activities
  • One or two day trips, or an overnight trip.
  • Professional workshops and instruction

During the program, students will have the opportunity to stay with local homestay families. There is also the option of on campus housing during the summer. Learn about the educational and language benefits of Homestay.

Plan My Program

If your university or organization is interested in developing a short term program with SUU, please Contact Us. We'll be happy to discuss options for your program, and answer any questions you might have.