Graduate Council

The role of the Graduate Council is to support high quality graduate education. The Council contains one voting member serving from each academic program that offers a graduate degree, as well as the Registrar and a graduate student in good academic standing.

The Graduate Council's responsibilities are:

  1. To advise the Dean of Graduate Studies on matters of graduate education, including:
    • Curriculum and policy requests at the graduate level;
    • Proposals for new graduate degree programs;
    • Appointments to or removal from graduate faculty membership, including temporary appointments to the graduate faculty, as requested by the Dean of Graduate Studies and the School of Professional and Continuing Studies;
    • Committees to further graduate education;
    • Proposed graduate degrees to be taken to the Deans Council.
  2. Mentor faculty and departments who are developing new graduate degrees.
  3. Undertake special assignments as directed by the Dean of Graduate Studies or the Provost.