Deans' Council

Deans' Council Policy

Per Policy 13.9 the Deans' Council serves as the representative agency at the University level for specific policy matters relating to faculty concerns that are more restricted to departmental or college, line-authority issues. For more general policy matters relating to faculty concerns which have University-wide ramifications, the Deans' Council and the Faculty Senate constitute the two academic bodies who recommend general academic policy to the University Provost. The Deans' Council is directly responsible to the Provost who functions as its chair.

Current Deans' Council Members

Voting Members:

  • Dean of the School of Business: Mary Pearson
  • Dean of the College of Engineering and Computational Science: Jeffrey Miller
  • Dean of the College of Health Sciences: J. Tony Oliver
  • Dean of the College of Education and Human Development: Shawn Christiansen
  • Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences: Jean Boreen
  • Dean of the College of Performing and Visual Arts: Shauna Mendini
  • Dean of the College of Sciences: James Brandt (Interim)

Non-voting Members:

  • Associate Provost: James Sage
  • Associate Provost: Daneka Souberbielle
  • Associate Provost: Bill Heyborne
  • Director of Institutional Research and Assessment: Christian Reiner
  • President, Faculty Senate: Abigail Larson
  • Director of Center for Teaching Innovation: Matt Mckenzie
  • Executive Director of Information Technology: Matt Zufelt
  • Dean of Students: Heather Ogden
  • Director of Sponsored Research and Grants: Sylvia Bradshaw
  • Director of Business Operations for Academic Affairs: Lisa Swanson
  • SUUSA Academic Vice President: Daviann Kauweloa
  • Registrar: Andrew Burroughs

The Deans' Council meets monthly or more often as necessary during the academic year, and every month during Summer School. Other meetings are called on an ad hoc basis as needed.  Meetings typically begin at 1pm via Zoom. Questions about meeting dates, times, or locations should be directed to

Deans' Council Minutes

  • August 27, 2012
  • September 10, 2012
  • September 24, 2012
  • October 8, 2012
  • October 29, 2012
  • November 11, 2012
  • November 26, 2012
  • December 11, 2012
  • January 14, 2013
  • January 28, 2013
  • February 11, 2013
  • February 25, 2013
  • March 18, 2013
  • April 1, 2013
  • April 15, 2013
  • April 29, 2013
  • June 17, 2013