Faculty Development Grant Awards for Fiscal Year 2004

College Name Project Title Type Funds Awarded
Library Nickerson, Matt ICHIM International Conf Travel $2,029.00
HSS Trepanier, Lee American Political Science Travel $1,044.00
PVA Yun, Gerard Sharing the Voices Travel $1,295.00
Science Freden, Eric Albany Group Theory Travel $550.00
Science Eves, Robert GSA Exposition Travel $1,102.00
Library Eye, John Teaching Online Info Lit Travel $900.00
HSS Petersen, Todd Photopolymer Workshop current $313.00
Science Amon, Tod CCSC 2003 Travel $550.00
HSS Aton, James USGS Library Travel $774.00
Science Colberg, Mark Teaching Petrology Travel $598.00
HSS Simon, Julie Develop New Basic Writing Overload $2,700.00
HSS Smith, Jon Panel, Paper, Video Travel $645.00
Library Seegmiller, Janet Oral History Project current/travel $1,050.00
AST Gubler, Rea Bullies Behind Bars Travel $1,000.00
Business O'Connor, Phil WRDS w/U of U research/current $3,338.00
Educ Pellegrini, Tony Senate Bill SB 154 survey/travel $2,400.00
PVA Xun, Sun 58th Orchestra League Travel $877.00
HSS Peacock, Jane Spanish Culture Travel $850.00
Fiscal Year 2004 Total awards as of 7/1/03 $22,015.00


Awards as of November 14, 2003

College Faculty Type Award
PVA Andersen, Kay Travel $1,143.00
HSS Simon, Julie Travel $570.00
PVA Hoover, Brian Catalog $3,000.00
PVA Yun, Gerard Travel $404.00
HSS Matteson, Pat Travel $308.80
Business Cunningham, Tom Travel $901.00
Business Calvasina, Gerald Travel $2,695.00
HSS Dubrasky and Yun Travel $1,260.00
Library Nickerson, Matt Travel $2,090.00
PVA Braithwaite, Arlene Catalog $3,000.00
Education Hill, Deb Travel $1,340.00
Science Grady, Michael Travel $750.00
HSS Aton, James Research $634.00
Education Harris, Genell Travel $1,000.00
Education Lund, David Travel $877.00
Science Howard, Bruce Research $3,000.00
AST Croxall, Kathy Travel $236.00
Business Roberts, Wayne Travel $525.00
HSS Hu and Laundra Travel $826.00
Science Colberg, Mark Travel 1,246.00
HSS Petersen, Todd Travel $1,001.88
AST Gubler, Rea Travel $236
HSS Waskul, Dennis Travel $529.00
Science Reed, Robert Research $2,837.38
Science Chuang, Helen Research $1,841.80
Science Larkin, Marty Travel $543.00
Business Christensen, David Travel $500.00
Science Lohrengel, Fred Travel $810.00
HSS Barton, Matt Travel $464.00
HSS Vlasich, James Research $877.50
Science Pedersen, Charlotte Research $2,500.00
Science Grover, Mark Research $2,260.00
Science Tebbs, Richard Travel $159.00
HSS Trepanier, Lee Study Abroad $900.00
Science Weaver, Kim Research $2,738.35
Business Steed, Emmett Travel $545.00
HSS Bostick, Curtis Travel $776.00
Science Larkin, Marty Travel $794.42
Education Angell, Verlinda Research $2,778.60
Business Steed, Emmett Travel $495.00
Fiscal Year 2004 (Fall 2003 awards as of 11/14/03) $49,260.73

Awards as of January 30, 2004

Type College Faculty Award
Travel HSS Barton, Matthew $386.70
Travel HSS Harrison, James $307.44
Travel HSS Mace, Britton $1,040.00
Travel Sci Bouniaev. Mikhail $2,401.00
Travel HSS Simon, Julie $696.00
research HSS Vlasich, James $688.00
Travel HSS Christensen, Bryce $595.00
Travel HSS Mulderink, Earl $2,652.80
Travel PVA Brimmer, Henry $872.28
Travel HSS Talbot, Jill $735.00
Travel Sci Lohrengel, Fred $1,074.00
Travel Sci Salehi, Jeff $2,460.00
Travel AST Ward, David $1,051.00
Travel HSS Moorty, S.S. $954.00
research Sci McDonald, Blair $305.00
Travel Sci Eves, Robert $1,161.00
Travel PVA Frezza, Christine $250.00
Travel Lib Eissinger, Richard $526.00
Travel HSS Jones, Les $757.00
Travel LIB Seegmiller, Janet $744.00
Travel LIB Nickerson, Matt $796.00
Travel HSS Berg, Luciane $757.00
Travel HSS Earl, Heath $757.00
Catalog PVA Harris, Susan $3,000.00
Travel HSS Peacock, Jane $1,156.00
Travel HSS Ault, John $757.00
Travel HSS Barney, Steve $757.00
Travel HSS White, Lynn $757.00
Certify Sci Weingartner, Andreas $2,113.00
Travel HSS Mace, Britton $757.00
Travel Sci Redd, Ty $1,000.00
Total Awards for Spring 2004 $30,063.22