Office of the Provost

Procedure for Policy Revision

Obtain electronic copy of existing policy you wish to revise from Bonny Rayburn in the Associate Provost's office. This copy will be in Microsoft Word and will already be in the correct format including headers, etc. ANY POLICY ALREADY ON THE BOOKS MUST BE REVISED USING THE ELECTRONIC COPY OF THE EXISTING POLICY AND BY FOLLOWING THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS.

Please do not compromise the integrity of the document by omitting or making any changes to the headers, margins or page formatting. Also, keep in mind that cutting and pasting from other documents will sometimes bring page formatting from the copied document with it, causing you to inadvertently change the formatting of the original electronic policy file. If this happens it could wipe out headers and change page formats. The easiest way to avoid this is to make all changes to the original document. To make changes to the text in the body of the policy, open original electronic copy of policy, "Strikethrough" any text you wish to delete and "Bold" any text you wish to add. This makes it much easier to track what is being deleted and what is being added yet maintains the format of the policy. Once the policy changes have been approved by the Board of Trustees, Bonny will enter the correct approval date before posting the policy to the web.

Academic policies are approved by the Deans' Council, then by the Faculty Senate, then the President's Staff and finally by the Board of Trustees.

All non-academic policies must be approved by the respective Vice President, then the President's Staff and finally by the Board of Trustees.

Once the Board of Trustees has approved, an electronic copy of the revised policy must then be sent back to Bonny Rayburn for updating in the Policies and Procedures manual and on the SUU website.