Processing Reimbursements for Recruiting Costs

When a department interviews candidates for a faculty position, the Provost's office will support this search by covering a portion of the costs incurred (for example, travel, lodging or meals). The guidelines are as follows (unless multiple positions will be filled through one search):

  • The Provost will reimburse a department up to $1500 per position.
  • Reimbursement requests MUST be accompanied by itemized receipts. Credit card statements will not be accepted as receipts.
  • Reimbursement will be charged to the FREC account.
  • An SUU Faculty/staff member who pays out of pocket for incidental interviewing costs (i.e. meals) shall be reimbursed.

Check Requisition Option

If the candidate or a department individual paid "out of pocket," a Check Requisition needs to be completed by the respective department. The Check Requisition must be approved by the Provost's Office before it goes to Accounts Payable.

  • You can create a separate check requisition for each candidate interviewed, however, the total amount reimbursed by the Provost's office per position cannot exceed $1500.
  • You can reimburse the candidate

Attached is a sample of a completed Check Requisition. Note that we need the following info:

  • Payee
  • Address: If you are reimbursing an SUU faculty/staff member, write CAMPUS and a check will be held for them at the Cashier's Office. If you are reimbursing the candidate directly, please write their mailing address.
  • SSN or T# - we need one of these listed on this requisition (for the payee)
  • Explanation: Reimbursement for interviewing NAME OF CANDIDATE for the TITLE OF THE POSITION. (We need this information in order to track spending in this account.)
  • Amount: This can be up to $1,500 per position
  • Index code: FREC
  • Dept Name: Department initiating the check requisition
  • Authorized by: Need signature of individual completing the form
  • Dean or Dept Head: Need a signature
  • Itemized receipts for expenses. Credit card statements will not be accepted as receipts.
  • Send this completed form to the Provost's Office (along with the receipts). We will review and sign and then forward to accounts payable. Once it is received there, on average, it takes 3 business days to process.

Sample Check Requisition

Expenditure/Revenue Transfer Request

If interviewing costs were charged to a department's Purchasing Card, you will need to do an Expenditure Transfer request.You can use either of the two methods listed below.

Google Document

If you have access to the shared “Expenditure/Revenue Transfer Request” google document from the Controllers Office, you may use it to transfer recruitment expenses charged to a SUU P-card to our account. If you opt for this method, please send an email to notifying us that you’ll be using the shared form to transfer expenses.

You will still need to provide itemized receipts for each expense. You can email scanned copies to or bring hard copies to Old Main 304. If you are seeking reimbursement for a meal with a candidate, please include a completed and signed Business Meal and Non-Instructional Food Certification form.

On the google document, fill in the information for all fields under “Data Exported from Banner Screen (FGITRND)”

Under the “Move To” area, please put:

  • Index: FREC
  • FOPAL: 000100-10160-7510-40
  • Explanation: Please describe the expenses that are being transferred, including the position name and candidate’s last name. (e.g. Search Committee dinner for Smith, candidate for Assistant Professor of Chemistry) Please also note in your explanation that the purchase was initially charged to a department P-card, and has been authorized to be charged to FREC.

Expenditure Transfer Request form/email

Complete an Expenditure Transfer Request form. The request must be accompanied by a copy of itemized receipts for the transaction. Email the completed form and all receipts to and cc
Guidelines are as follows:

  • Purchase Order Number: P-Card Transaction
  • Date: Date of initial transaction
  • Check Request Number: leave blank
  • Vendor: Company paid on P-Card
  • Amount to be transferred: dollar amount
  • From Account: list fund/org/ acct/prog for dept initially charged
  • To Account: 000100-10160-7510-40
  • I request the expenditure transfer because: These monies were initially purchased using the departmental Purchase Card. Expenses have been authorized to be charged to Provost FREC account. (Candidate: NAME Position: NEW HIRE TITLE)
  • Sent from: signature of person who created the form
  • Date Sent: complete

Sample Expenditure Transfer Request

Travel Authorization/Reimbursement Option

If you would like to reimburse an SUU employee who helped transport a faculty candidate (for example, drive the candidate to St. George to catch the shuttle; 100 miles at .41 @ mile), you can submit a Travel Authorization form prior to/or along with a completed Travel Reimbursement form. (FYI: If you process the Travel Authorization form prior to travel time, the driver is protected by SUU insurance in the event of an accident). Please see attached completed Travel Authorization Form and Travel Reimbursement Form.

Forward completed form (and copy of receipts) to the Provost office.

Sample Travel Authorization

If you have any questions on this process, please call the Provost's Office at ext. 7704 for assistance.