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SUMA Summer Camp


Project: SUMA Summer Camp

Principal Investigator: Nathan McDonald

Funding Type: State

Funding Source: Utah Division of Arts & Museums

Funding Amount: $1,000

College: College of Performing & Visual Arts

Department: Southern Utah Museum of Art

A $1000 grant from the Utah Division of Arts and Museums, along with a separate grant from the Cedar City RAP tax provided full scholarships for every student who attended the inaugural session of the Southern Utah Museum of Art Summer Camp for Teenagers in June. The two-week camp, which ran from 9 a.m. to noon Monday through Friday, introduced young artists to the history and practice of public art. Registration was originally $100 per student.

Two more sessions of the SUMA summer camps followed in July: the first on digital design and the second on traditional media.

Nathan McDonald is the creator and director of the SUMA summer camps. He is also the Community Outreach and Arts Education Coordinator at the Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery. Building on the Braithwaite’s current programming, he brought in acclaimed local artists to mentor students on the importance of art as an element of community development. Students explored art forms from cave paintings to murals in the great depression to contemporary work. To illustrate what they learned, the students created a permanent mural for the Frontier Homestead State Park museum.

As the Southern Utah Museum of Art moves towards completion, many more exciting things are bound to happen!

SUMA Summer Camp Attendees