Fifty from Six - RAP Tax 2015


Project: Fifty from Six - RAP Tax 2015

Principal Investigator: Reece Summers

Funding Type: Local

Funding Source: Cedar City RAP Tax

Funding Amount: $1,700

College: College of Performing & Visual Arts

Department: Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery

Fifty from Six, an invitational ceramic art exhibition in the Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery, welcomes visitors free of charge during the month of November. Fifty original works of ceramic art from acclaimed artists working in the six Rocky Mountain states of Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Idaho, Colorado, and Montana were featured during this show. This exhibit was coordinated by SUU students mentored by faculty and made possible through funding by the Friends of the gallery, Rainbow Sign and Banner, Cedar City-Brian Head Tourism Bureau, and the Cedar City Recreation, Arts, and Parks (RAP) Tax.

The RAP Tax is a 0.1% sales tax placed on most consumer goods in Cedar City. Taxes collected from the purchase of entertainment, household, and other luxury goods are placed into a fund that is distributed to various parks, recreation, and arts services throughout the city. The year gathered $439,000 that was distributed to various city services such as the Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery.

50 from 6 brought in 1,623 visitors from the arts department and wider community. Although the exhibition has come to an end, pedestals and wall mounts from the event will go to the new Southern Utah Museum of Art (SUMA). The collaborative effort on this project fosters a sense of unity between the people involved and touched by the beauty of the exhibit, further developing a creative learning and working atmosphere here at Southern Utah University.


Allthorn - Jeff Reich - 2012

The Big Bang

The Big Bang - Paula Rice - 2012


Vase - Doug Casebeer - 2013

Dangling Amphibian

Dangling Amphibian - Russell Wrankle - 2014


Tulipere - Martha Grover - 2012


Dear... - Gina Bobrowski - 2009

Darkness is a Garden

Darkness is a Garden - Farraday Newsome - 2013