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Project: ImPACT

Principal Investigator: Karl Stevens

Funding Type: State

Funding Source: Utah System of Higher Education

Funding Amount: $3,053

College: Graduate and Online School

Department: SUU Online

A grant from the Utah System of Higher Education kickstarts the research and development of upper division online classes for remote or underserved students who are candidates to finish a bachelor’s degree in General Studies at Southern Utah University.

The grant, called Improving Preparation, Access and Communities Together (ImPACT), aims to increase the number of low-income and underrepresented students who succeed in postsecondary education. SUU’s take on this will be a program developed specifically for residents of Southern Utah who have a desire to attend university, but are too far removed from campus or must attend to other life issues.

The program will target students who have stopped out for a period of time. These are students who have discontinued their enrollment in courses and stopped progressing towards the completion of their degree. Stopped out students have finished a majority of their general education courses and have a variety of credits that can be tied together in a general studies major. Many of these individuals are considered non-traditional students and are prime candidates for an initial focus group of ImPACT.

Karl Stevens is the Director of SUU Online and the principal investigator on the grant. Through SUU’s Graduate and Online School, he is working with academic departments to develop the online courses needed for the general studies major, disseminating information to possible candidates in remote and underserved areas, and researching similar programs in peer institutions of higher learning.