Sponsored Programs, Agreements, Research, and Contracts Office

University Information

Student Population: 7,656


45% Male, 55% Female

Racial Makeup:

82% White, 5% Hispanic, 3% Asian, 1% Black, 9% Other/Unspecified

Top 5 Undergraduate/Graduate Majors:

Undergraduate Biology
Elementary Education & Teaching
Physical Education Teaching & Coaching
Graduate Education
Public Administration
Communication Professional
Sport Conditioning & Performance
Business Administration & Management

University demographic and major information from SUU Institutional Research & Assessment 2014-15 Factbook.

Fiscal Year 2012-2014 Top 10 Funding Sources

Amount Source Funded Projects
$9,498,102 US Dept of Health & Human Services Head Start Program
$3,203,794 US Dept of Education ETS
Upward Bound
Student Support Service Programs
$2,554,878 US Dept of Interior: National Park Service Student Internship Program
Youth Partnership Program
Recreation and Repair
Restoration Recording
Herbarium Imaging Project
Eco-regional Baseline data for Bats
$1,701,918 Utah Dept of Health Baby Watch Early Intervention Program
Automated External Defibrillator equipment
$1,320,582 USDA Forest Service Student Internship Program
Native Plant and Habitat development
Kiabab area projects
$819,176 State of Utah: Office of Education Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program
Perkins CTE
Smart Schools Technology
TICE Fundamentals
$709,009 State of Utah: Office of Education, Child Nutrition Program USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program
$580,000 National Science Foundation NSF Scholarships in STEM
$492,100 US Dept of Interior: Bureau of Land Management Student Internship Program
Baseline Acoustic Monitoring of GSENM
$405,400 US Small Business Administration: Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development Small Business Development Programs

Internal Resources

Leave, Rank, Tenure

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Proposal/Application Information

Proposals need to be submitted to SPARC 10 days prior to agency deadline for review

Official Authorized to Submit Proposals SPARC Director
Submitting Organization Southern Utah University
General Business & Official Correspondence Address 351 W University Blvd
BB 304G
Cedar City, UT 84720-2415
Type of Organization Public/State Controlled Institution of Higher Education
Congressional District UT-002
Federal Cognizant Audit Agency Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)
DUNS Number (Dun & Bradstreet) 020917670
NSF Institution Code 0036780000
Institutional IRB Assurance Numbers IORG0006302

Budget Development Tools

Calculating IDC/F&A Federally Negotiated rate is 45% of Salaries/ Wages & Benefits
  • (Sum all Salaries/Wages & Benefits (Multiply) .45= IDC/F&A Cost)
All other rates specified in Request for Proposal (RFP), need to be processed by SPARC Office Personnel.
Salary/Wage & Benefit Information
Supplemental vs Overload Pay
SUU Policy 6.9: Faulty & Academic Administrator Supplemental & Overload Compensation
SUU Policy 8.3.8: Staff & Non-Academic Administrators Supplemental & Overload Compensation (Pending Approval)
Federal Register 2 CFR Ch 1-2, Part 200.430-31
Part-Time/Temporary Employment
(Student Workers)
SUU Policy 5.32: Part-Time and Temporary Employment
guidance with hiring, hourly pay rates, and benefit rates
Fringe Benefits Benefit rates are respective to type of compensation:
  • Supplemental pay benefits: calculated specific to an individual.
  • Overload pay benefits: specific to university rates.
  • Part-Time/Temporary Employment will be determined by SPARC Office Personnel.
Please contact SPARC Office Personnel for further assistance.
Travel Information If Traveling outside U.S., Please be aware of Federal Funding restrictions on airlines - Fly America Act 1974
Travel Rate $0.41 per mile
Common Destination Mileage
Travel Daily Per Diem Rates
Breakfast $9.00
Lunch $12.00
Dinner $20.00
Total $41.00

Meal reimbursements are only available for trips requiring overnight lodging or to an individual who travels more than 150 miles (one way) and is actually away from home (SUU) for more than 12 hours while conducting University business.
More information available at suu.edu/ad/fleet/rates.html

Equipment Information Definitions:
  • Capital Assets: Federal Register 2 CFR Ch 1-2, Part 200.12
  • ­
  • Equipment: Federal Register 2 CFR Ch 1-2, Part 200.33, 200.48,200.58, 200.89, 200.94
  • ­
  • Special Purpose: Federal Register 2 CFR Ch 1-2, Part 200.89
  • ­
  • General Purpose, Technology, and Supplies: Federal Register 2 CFR Ch 1-2, Part 200.48,200.58, 200.94
SUU Policy 5.24: Purchasing