Office of the Provost


Photo: Bradley J. Cook
Bradley J. Cook
Executive Vice President & Provost
Office Location: Old Main 303
Phone: 435-586-7704

Photo: Aimee Uchman
Aimee Uchman
Executive Assistant to the Provost
Office Location: Old Main 304
Phone: 435-586-7704
Photo: James Sage
James Sage
Associate Provost
Office Location: Old Main 212
Phone: 435-586-7703
Photo: Bonny Rayburn
Bonny Rayburn
Executive Assistant to the Associate Provost
Office Location: Old Main 211
Phone: 435-586-7706
Photo: Bruce Tebbs
Bruce Tebbs
Director of Academic Budget & Support
Office Location: Old Main 216
Phone: 865-8729
Photo: John Taylor Photo
John R. Taylor
Provost's Faculty Fellow

Photo:Johnny MacLean
Johnny MacLean
Provost's Faculty Fellow
Photo:Danielle Dubrasky
Danielle Dubrasky
Director of Convocations
Phone: 435-865-8138
Fax: 435-865-8169