International Internship

Where: Panama City, Panama, or Lima, Peru

When: Fall Semester 2018

Length: Semester

This Southern Utah University sponsored internship provides an opportunity for students—single or married couples—the opportunity to live, work, and study abroad in Panama City, Panama, or Lima, Peru. Interns will work under the supervision of a local full-time SUU employee.

This internship gives the student a chance to gain tangible international work experience, be immersed in a foreign culture, serve in that community, and promote and grow SUU in an international market.

About Lima, Peru
Lima is the capital city of Peru. With a metropolitan population of around 10 million, Lima is the cultural and economic center of Peru. In Lima, there is never a lack of places to explore, people to meet, or food to eat. The city either contains or is in proximity to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including Machu Picchu. The climate is described as a tropical desert. Temperatures generally fall between 57° F and 84° F. Spanish is the primary language of Peru, but many locals also speak English.

About Panama City, Panama
Located on the Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal, Panama City is the capital and largest city in the country of Panama. The metropolitan population is about 1.5 million. The city contains a rich history that dates back to the year 1519. Panama City has a tropical savanna climate that provides both a wet season and a dry season. Temperatures remain constant throughout the year, with an average temperature of 81° F. Spanish is the primary language of Panama; however, due to the United States' involvement in the Panama Canal Zone during the 20th century, many Panamanians speak English.

Requirements: Currently enrolled Southern Utah University student, holding or able to obtain a US passport.

Cost: $3,500

Includes: Fall semester tuition, apartment in the city selected, travel costs to and from the country of origin, and opportunities to engage in many cultural activities, World Heritage Sites, and attractions such as Machu Picchu, Cusco, Panama Canal, Panama Viejo, Casco Viejo, and many others.

Please contact 435-865-8665 for more information, or reach out to Roger LaMarca at  or 435-586-7839.

To apply please fill out the form below. Married couples should apply using the same form.