international exchange students at SUUInternational Exchange & Study Abroad Students

Application & Visa Procedures

Fall nomination deadline: March 15 (Submit all application materials below by June 1)
Spring nomination deadline: October 15 (Submit all application materials below by November 1)

The first thing you should do if you want to study at Southern Utah University is to contact your home university's international office. They will help you begin the process and will nominate you to study at SUU, and sending us information on your interest. 

After your nomination is accepted and you receive notice to apply to SUU as an exchange student, submit an application to SUU.

When your application as an exchange student to SUU is approved, you will need to be admitted to SUU. Below is a list of all of the documents you need to submit to SUU to be admitted. We must receive all documents by the deadlines listed (June 1 for fall semester, November 1 for spring semester), so please be as prompt in sending.

If you have any questions, or need help please, contact or

  • Pay the $60 admission application fee Include a copy of your payment receipt with your application documents.
  • Housing application The SUU Housing Office will try to assign you to your first choice, but it is not guaranteed. Housing is limited, so please plan to be flexible with your accommodation assignment. Single rooms are especially limited. If you want to consider other housing options, please email us.
  • Pay the $50 housing application fee
  • Immunization records Students from some countries will be required to take a TB (tuberculosis) test when they arrive at SUU. The Cedar City health department administers these tests at SUU. Students who are not current on their MMR (mumps, measles, rubella) vaccine will be required to receive that vaccination when they arrive at SUU. Students will be responsible for paying for the MMR vaccination.
  • Verification of English language proficiency You may submit TOEFL or IELTS scores, but they aren't required for exchange or study abroad students. If you don't submit a test score, the form must completed by a person at your home university who is qualified to evaluate your English proficiency. You must be able to navigate daily life in the U.S., read & comprehend academic texts, understand your rights & responsibilities, and know how to get help, if necessary.
  • Proof of health insurance valid in the United States All international students must provide proof of health insurance that meets minimum requirements.
  • Proof of financial support (bank statement) Your bank statement must indicate that you have the necessary funds for studying at SUU. (If you have a family member or other sponsor helping with finances, please have them complete the Sponsor Certification Form.) The minimum amounts are:
    - Exchange Student: $5,000/semester
    - Fee-paying Study Abroad Student: $9,000/semester
  • Academic transcripts Obtain official transcripts (academic records) of the courses you've taken at your home university.
  • A copy of your passport Scan or copy the information page of your passport. Be sure that all information--including all numbers at the bottom, top, and sides--is fully visible. Your passport copy must be completely legible.
  • Learning Agreement On this document, you will list the classes you wish to take at SUU. These classes must be approved by your university. Undergraduates (Bachelor's level) must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 SUU credits during the semester. Master's level degree students must be enrolled in a minimum of 9 SUU credits during the semester. Note: Unless you have been admitted to an SUU Master's program, you must select classes with course numbers below 5000.

When you complete the list of classes, please list at least 3 extra classes and indicate which of the classes are top priority. It may be difficult to enroll in upper level (3000- and 4000-level) classes, so please give a variety of classes you would like to take. We encourage you to take one or two “fun” classes that you might not have the opportunity to take at your home university. We will do our best to register you for the classes you most wish to take, but seat are not guaranteed. Some classes require prerequisites that will bar you from enrollment, and others might be full.

After we receive the items listed above, we will prepare your J-1 visa documents. These documents will be sent to your University by regular mail. You can request they be sent by FedEx, in which case you will be charged a $50 fee.

When you receive your documents, contact the nearest United States consulate or embassy and pay the $100 SEVIS fee. They will invite you for an interview to discuss the issuance of your visa. Your home university’s International Office advisor may help you with this process.