Office of Learning Abroad

Concurrent Enrollment

SUU students WILL be concurrently enrolled at SUU through the NSE program while on exchange (It is a mandatory process). This will consist of a Programs Abroad Course Evaluation (PACE Form) that the students are responsible for completing as well as a $125 charge for each semester the student is on exchange. This fee is charged by the NSE Coordinator to the student's bursar's account just before the beginning of each semester during which the student is on exchange. Concurrent Enrollment allows several important things:

  • Use of your Financial Aid!
    You can utilize your financial aid that you normally use at SUU (all aid except for Work-Study & Chancellor's Aid). Without the Concurrent Enrollment process, you couldn't use your financial aid.
  • Coursework transfers back to SUU!
    In completing the concurrent enrollment process, your coursework will come back with you to SUU from your host school. {See more about the process above}
  • Priority Registration!
    Since you remain an SUU student, you are still able to register for your returning semester at SUU with your most current priority.