Office of Learning Abroad

Financial Aid Questions

Remember - Plan A students pay host school's in-state tuition

If you are on Plan A, you will receive your fee bill from your host school. This fee bill will include tuition & fees, room & board (if you live on-campus) , meal plan, car registration, etc. Since you are paying their tuition, any Federal Financial Aid (student loans, grants, etc.) will get dispersed through your host school. You will have to check with Financial Aid Office to make sure that you give FAFSA the correct school code for your host school.

If you receive scholarships , most should transfer, however it is suggested that you check with the particular scholarship board to be certain.

IMPORTANT: The SUU Bursar's office DOES NOT send your scholarship money directly to the host school. This financial aid is sent to YOU . It is your responsibility to pay for the host school's fee bill with your state and/or federal aid.