Office of Learning Abroad

Steps to Placement

  1. Step One
    Sign up for an Informational Meeting by contacting the Office of International Programs. At the meeting you will have all of your questions answered. You will also receive the current NSE Directory & an Application Packet.
  2. Step Two
    Read through the NSE Directory, paying particular attention to the beginning pages which describe NSE application, placement, and exchange policies and procedures.
  3. Step Three
    Select at least 3 campuses that interest you. Research exchange options by reviewing campus catalogs, public relations materials, and World Wide Web information. Check to see if the schools of interest have courses that you would want to (and could) take, if you haven't done so already. You can also check to see if you would want to live on-campus or off-campus... if you think you'd like the city where the school is located... if you'd like the weather... etc.
  4. Step Four
    Consult your NSE coordinator, and departmental advisor to identify appropriate exchange options.
    A flexible academic plan is very advantageous for exchange participation.
  5. Step Five
    Discuss NSE participation with family, friends, and former exchange participants. Let everyone know what you are planning and get their input and opinion.
  6. Step Six
    Complete the campus NSE application and pay the $250 NSE application fee. The sooner you complete it and turn it in, the better.
  7. Step Seven
    Consult with the Financial Aid Office to ascertain your financial needs for the exchange semester(s). Refer to information in the NSE Directory for policies governing federally funded aid application and disbursement.
    By February 15, file FAFSA for federally funded financial aid. List on FAFSA the campus codes for all campuses at which you have the potential to be placed on Plan A . List your home campus as well.
    Consult your NSE coordinator, to prioritize campus options for exchange.

For even simpler instructions check out our handout-Step by Step Instructions for National Student Exchange.