Office of Learning Abroad

International Health Insurance

Summer Study Abroad Insurance

All students who participate in an SUU-sponsored summer study abroad program receive international health insurance coverage through the Office of Learning Abroad as part of their program package.  There is no deductible or co-pay for this insurance.

Semester Study Abroad Insurance

Students who participate in semester or year-long study abroad programs are required to obtain their own insurance.  If students are insured through a parent's policy, they should find out if they will continue to receive coverage while in their host country.

For students who are uninsured, or who would like additional coverage, the Office of Learning Abroad offers insurance through the International Student Identity Card (ISIC). ISIC offers both standard (up to $25,000 of emergency medical and dental coverage) and premium (up to $100,000 of emergency medical and dental coverage) insurance plans.

Before choosing which insurance to purchase, students should carefully review the coverage, benefits, and limitations of each insurance, as well as visa requirements for the country they will be studying in.

ISIC Information

Other Insurance Options