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Study Abroad

Letters from Program Participants

from Jordan Hulet, 2006 Marketing in Salzburg program

I received my mission call a few weeks ago and I'm going to Belgium! I am so glad that I went on the study abroad because I now have the confidence to go over there. I really think that the greatest lesson I learned over there was that people are people. To know that no matter where I go I can meet interesting, kind people and I can learn so much from them. I sometimes can't believe that I was given the chance to go to Austria, it seems like a dream! It so fun to get emails from my friends in Austria and from the other exchange students. We created friendships that will last for the rest of our lives!

Thank you so much for giving us the chance to go over there!

from Jenni Orton, 2006 Marketing in Salzburg program

Studying abroad changed my life. Everyone says that, it sounds so cliché, but it is true. In the summer of 2006 I had the wonderful opportunity of participating in the Study Abroad program in Salzburg, Austria with SUU, focusing on Marketing and Communications.  The classes had a level of diversity that I believe enriched the class on so many levels.  I learned about Marketing alongside students from Canada, Norway, Austria, Germany, Ireland, and several other countries, and they became dear friends.   Our very own Wayne Roberts, Professor of Marketing, lead that class. Our Communication class was taught by a few male Professors from England and they brought 6 female students along to learn with us. Both classes were completely unique because of this because they created a new depth to the educational atmosphere. It was such an unparalleled experience to be learning with students from different cultures and learning from their perspectives and experiences, combined with those of my "Yankee" classmates. 

When we weren't in class we would make tracks. We received 8 passport stamps in our 2 short   months there. Among these countries were Austria, Germany (the World Cup competition was going on at the time), France, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, & Holland. We did a lot of  adventurous things like Paragliding off the Swiss Alps, touring The Louvre on the opening night of the "Da Vinci Code" movie, climbing the stairs of the Eiffel Tower, scoping the exquisite and legendary architecture of the Notre Dame, eating the deliciously famous Belgian waffles & chocolates, inhaling famous pizza & pasta dishes in Italy, gliding across the Italian waters on the  Venetian ferry, watching World Cup soccer games with fans from around the world, touring The Sound of Music sights in Salzburg, eating at the Mozart Cafe in downtown Salzburg (where Mozart was born), dreaming like the royals for 2 nights in a castle in the Austrian Alps, hiking the Austrian Alps, and of course, doing our laundry and grocery shopping with the citizens of Austria.

To absolutely anyone considering the SUU Study Abroad program, it is worth it, don't wait. Just do it. It will change your life for the better. It might not be for the most inexpensive adventure, but the experience is in every way worth it.  It will broaden your mind. You will gain a love for the culture, the people, and in turn appreciate the blessings and beauties of our own country. You will be a better person because of it. It really is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Do it now while you have the chance, and be grateful you did for the rest of your life.

from Mary Kerksiek, 2005 National Student Exchange Participant

Dear Alla & Tessa,

I just want to say thank you so very much for helping me do the exchange to Puerto Rico.  The exchange was one of the best experiences I have had.  I not only grew academically, socially & linguistically, but I have grown artistically- one of my main focuses as an artist.  I am now working on a painting series that I started in Puerto Rico.  I am going to use it to send to galleries & grad school.

Here's a plant that I saw growing wild all over the island & I wanted to give it to you to say thanks- & so that when you look at it you know that your working with students helps them grow and is definitely worth it.  Thanks again!


Mary Kerksiek