Accuplacer Exams

Accuplacer Math/English Placement Tests are available for SUU students ON campus in the Testing Center or OFF campus at an approved REMOTE university or college.

SUU Students taking Accuplacer Math and/or English in SUU Testing Center -- $15.00 each

You MUST provide a hard copy receipt to prove payment before testing or pay with cash when you come to test.

Students may not attempt the Accuplacer Math exam more than 3 times in one academic year and must have at least one week between each attempt.

SUU Student - Accuplacer Math - SUU Testing Center - Payment Window - $15

SUU Student - Accuplacer English - SUU Testing Center - Payment Window $15

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Accuplacer Math Score Placement Grid

*Always check with your advisor for which math courses are required for your major.

Accuplacer Test Score Placement
Arithmetic Test Less than 65 Math 0950 or 0970
Arithmetic Test 65 or Greater Math 0990
Elementary Algebra Test 60-84 Math 1010 (or any lower numbered course)
Elementary Algebra Test 85-99 Math 1030 or 1040 (or any lower numbered course)
Elementary Algebra Test 100 or Greater Math 1050 or 1060 (or any lower numbered course)
College Level Math Less than 100 Placement based on Elementary Algebra Score
College Level Math 100 or Greater Math 1100 or 1210 (or any lower numbered course)