Tutoring Center

Using the Tutoring Center

Expand the links below to learn how to use free walk-in tutoring.

Tutoring Center Front Doors

Welcome to the Tutoring Center! We are located in the ELC building, room 204, across from the testing center. The Tutoring Center is a free service for SUU students and is easy to use!

A student checking in on the computer

When you come to the Tutoring Center, make sure you check in at the front desk computer.

Swiping a card

You can swipe your T card, or type in your T number.

A screenshot of the check in options

When you check in, you will see two options: “check in”, or “check in and request tutor”. If you want to work with a tutor right away, choose “check in and request tutor”. You will then choose the class for which you need tutoring.

A screenshot of the check in instructions

First, select one of your courses or a service that appears on the screen. Next, select a table letter or computer to sit at. Finally, remember to submit the form.

If you would rather work on your own for a while before you request a tutor, you can do this at any time. You can follow the same tutor request process through your mySUU portal on your personal device.

Table signs.

You can find the table letters directly above their associated tables. Feel free to ask for help if you need assistance locating the signs.

Tutoring center queue screen.

When you have requested a tutor, your name will appear on the queue monitor to alert tutors on staff that you need help.

A student working with a tutor.

The next available tutor will respond to your request as soon as possible.