Facilities Managment Conservation Efforts

Southern Utah University actively works to reduce campus energy and water consumption with ongoing projects.

Since 2007, SUU has captured nearly $1,000,000 in ongoing savings on natural gas and electric charges.

Renewable Energy Production

Over 94 kilowatts of photovoltaic solar arrays on campus continue to produce 252,880 kilowatt-hours per year – enough to run 72 average homes and offset the production of over 346,418 pounds of CO2 per year. Discussions and planning for additional photovoltaic production are ongoing.

New Academic Classroom Building (under construction)

Requires architects to incorporate water-efficient fixtures and appliances, including low-flow faucets, waterless or ultra-low flow urinals, sensored flushometer toilets; LED lighting, building envelope efficiencies, thermal glazing systems, exterior shading, efficient building mechanical systems, and many other elements that meet or exceed the requirements of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and the State of Utah High-Performance Building Standards.

Energy Action Plan

SUU partnered with the Wattsmart Communities program and Rocky Mountain Power to create an Energy Action Plan for the campus. This plan outlines initiatives that will result in the ongoing reduction of over 500,000 kWh of electricity saved over a two year period. To date, projects completed as part of the Energy Action Plan have resulted in 438,929 kWh of ongoing savings.

Examples of projects being pursued include.

  • Air Handler and Building Automation Control Upgrades – R. Haze Hunter Alumni Center – 210,000 kWh of savings.
  • Building Automation and HVAC Hardware Upgrades – J.L. Sorenson PE building -94,729 kWh of savings.
  • Chiller Replacement – Gerald R. Sherratt Library – 55,000 kWh of savings.
  • Air Handler Replacement – America First Event Center – 79,200 kWh of savings.

Other Conservation Projects

Building Automation Projects

  • Replaced pneumatic building automation system components in various buildings on campus to solve problematic issues and to conserve energy.

Building Recommissioning Projects

  • Reviewed building mechanical systems operation point by point and tuned the performance of those systems for energy savings.

Continuing Campus Exterior Walkway Lighting Improvements

  • Replaced and improved lighting in parking lots and along campus walkways to improve energy efficiency and safety.

SUU’s Grounds & Gardens Division

  • Planted another 68 trees this year to serve as sound and wind breaks to help control the solar load on buildings and to beautify the campus. Total trees on campus: over 2,505.
  • The preservation of large trees during building design remains a priority.
  • Used pruned limbs as recycled mulch to spread on campus.