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Shad Beckstrand
Photo: Shad Beckstrand

Shad is the CAD/GIS Facility Information Coordinator at Facilities Management which he has done for about four months. While attending SUU, Shad worked for Facilities Management doing work similar to what does now. He is married with three children and lives in Fiddler’s Canyon. He has lived in Heber City, Meadow, South Texas, and Fillmore. He has traveled to most of the Western States and has driven all the way from Cedar City to South Carolina for work. Shad would like to travel to Australia and his favorite vacation was when he went to Disneyland with his family.

Shad loves the outdoors--his hobbies include hunting, fishing, camping, and sports. He also enjoys spending time with his kids and family. His favorite food is steak, favorite sport to watch is football, favorite sport to play is baseball, and his favorite sports team is the Denver Broncos. He participated in high school football, baseball, and wrestling. In college, he received a Bachelor’s degree in CAD/GIS Engineering Technology and minored in Spanish. He served a two year bilingual mission to McAllen, Texas for the LDS church speaking English and Spanish. Someday, Shad would like to go to Fenway Park and watch the Red Sox play.

Dan Camp
Photo: Dan Camp

Dan is currently a Landscape Technician for Facilities Management, where he has been employed for the past 8 years. As a Landscape Technician, he mows lawns, fixes sprinklers, and does whatever else needs to be done. Dan and his wife have two children who they love very much; a son (age five) and a daughter (age two). Together, they reside in an undeveloped subdivision, living in basically the nicest house out there

Dan has lived in Enoch his entire life, and hopes to one day move his family to St. George, if his wife will let him. He has traveled to Jamaica, Hawaii, Belize, Honduras, and various parts of Mexico—including his favorite city, Cozumel. Dan is planning to go on a cruise including portions of North-Eastern United States and Canada, and also would like to travel to Australia and Alaska.

Dan is an avid fisherman, and has participated in numerous fishing tournaments, including the Utah Summer Games Bass Fishing competition. He is currently a member of the Southern Utah Bass Anglers. Besides fishing, Dan enjoys playing basketball, football, and any other sport, really. His favorite sports teams are the Utah Jazz and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Even though his wife doesn’t approve, Dan sometimes ventures to Red Lobster for some Fine Shrimp (his favorite food). He also loves steak, cookies, ice cream, and food in general. Some interesting facts that most people don’t know about Dan are that he enjoys writing and has had many of his works published in magazines. Dan is also CPR certified—so if there is an accident, call him, first! One day, he hopes to serve an LDS mission with his wife, make more money, get his degree, and go deep-sea fishing.

Ryan Coleman
Photo: Ryan Coleman

Ryan is a Landscape Technician for the Grounds Department (in charge of mid campus) and has worked for Facilities Management for about nine years.  He has lived in Enoch for about 14 years now, has two sons, and three dogs (all of which are Boxers).  Ryan has lived in a number of places, some of those include: North Carolina, California, Saint Kitts Nevise (in the Caribbean), Haiti, and Guantanamo Bay Cuba.

Of all the places Ryan has vacationed he enjoyed Yellowstone the most. His hobbies include hunting, riding ATV’s, and spending time with his family and his favorite food is Italian. Ryan was a soldier in the Marine Corps where he played soccer for eight years; a coordinator for Toys-for-Tots for two years; owned a landscape company for five years; and received various awards through the Military. He has committed a large portion of his Military time to humanitarian service which he did in Saint Kitts Nevise and Haiti.

Ryan is currently a member of the Marine Corps League and a Constable Deputy for Washington County serving warrants and civil papers. He graduates from the Police Academy on July 30—Congratulations Ryan!

Dallas Hall
Photo: Dallas Hall

Dallas Hall has been working for Tiger Funk as the Events Technician since August of this year. As the Events Technician, Dallas maintains, sets up, and runs the audio visual equipment on campus (mostly in the Centrum and Coliseum).

Dallas has lived in Cedar, Blanding, Payson, Pleasant Grove, and Orem. He would like to live somewhere just like Cedar minus the winter. Dallas has traveled all over the U.S. and Canada. His favorite cities were Memphis, West LA, Phoenix, and Houston. He would most like to travel across South Korea. His favorite vacation was when he spent two weeks on the coast of Watsonville, CA because he got to spend every day on the beach with family.

In his spare time Dallas likes to jam on his guitar and rename unprotected Wi-Fi networks. So if your network ever shows up as “Change your password” it was Dallas. His favorite food is The Houston, a cross between a grilled cheese and bacon cheese burger. Basketball is his favorite sport, the SUU T-Birds and the Utah Jazz are his favorite teams.

Most people don’t know that Dallas is a nationally certified Phlebotomist. He also received a certificate of excellence in undergraduate research in Psychology. Dallas is trying to help start a hula hooping club here on campus and hopes to get a PhD in Psychology.

Tyson Kyhl
Photo: Tyson Kyhl

Tyson Kyhl is the Director of Planning, Project Management, and Risk at Facilities Management and has worked for Facilities for seven years. He lives in Cedar City and he’s married and has two cute boys. Tyson has lived in Ephraim, Richfield, and Nephi, but he’s happiest in Cedar City. He has been to California, Arizona, and Colorado and would like to visit Alaska, Europe, and the Caribbean. His favorite vacation was going to Disneyland with his family because his kids had so much fun!

Tyson’s hobbies include golfing, hunting, fishing, and camping. His favorite food is steak, favorite sports are golf and basketball (which he played at Juab High), and favorite team to watch is Duke University. He has a Bachelor’s degree from SUU in Engineering Technology and his greatest accomplishment was receiving a gold star on his Chore Chart when he was a kid! Yay! Actually, one of his great accomplishments was graduating Magna cum laude. He’s not just funny, he’s smart too!

A couple of items from Tyson’s bucket list include moose and polar bear hunting which he originally wanted to do upon graduating from college, but was never able to.

Julie Larmore
Photo: Julie Larmore

Julie is currently the Director of Business Operations and Strategic Resource Planning for Facilities Management, where she has worked for the past seven years. A few of her responsibilities include overseeing Facilities Management’s budgets, expenditures, reporting, forecasting, hourly employee tracking, data entry and auditing. She also works with Dave Tanner, as well as the other Facilities Management Directors, in formulating the strategic direction of our department.

Julie was born in Salt Lake City, but grew up in Duck Creek Village. In the winter time, she had to snowmobile to her house, because they didn’t plow the roads in the subdivisions back when she lived there. She went away to school at Utah State, and lived in Logan for almost 8 years. Julie, her husband, and her two sons (Noah and Nathaniel), currently reside here in Cedar City. She has traveled to Mexico and Canada, as well as most of the Western United States (California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico), Missouri, Illinois, Ohio, Washington D.C., and Boston. She recently returned from a cruise going from Boston to New Brunswick, where she enjoyed learning about the history of the towns, going sight-seeing, and being on the ocean. She would love to spend more time exploring the New England Area, as well as all of Great Britain, and her ultimate dream is to go on a cruise around the Mediterranean.

Julie’s favorite hobbies include cake decorating, reading, painting, reading cookbooks/recipes, and spending time with her husband and children. Julie can cook/bake just about anything but bread, and hopes, one day, to learn to make homemade bread. Her favorite food is Prime Rib with grated horseradish. Julie also watches a lot of soccer, because her son, Noah, plays, and her favorite sports team is Noah’s soccer team. Other than that, Julie only watches the Olympics. Her favorite Olympic sports are gymnastics, swimming, and diving. Some interesting facts that many people don’t know about Julie are that she has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Information Systems from Utah State University, a Master’s of Business Administration, and a Master’s of Public Administration from Southern Utah University. She has played the violin since she was 9 years old, and was a Family, Consumer and Health Sciences Sterling Scholar winner. In high school, Julie was part of a team that won gold for Parliamentary Procedure at the Future Homemakers of America national convention. She is currently a member of the SUU Staff Association, and the GPA PHAN Club. Julie is a scholarship recipient for APPA’s leadership academy, this year, and was the SUU Outstanding Masters of Public Administration Student for 2012.

Cindy Moxley
Photo: Cindy Moxley

Cindy is the Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Facilities Management and Planning. She has worked for Facilities for five years. Cindy has three sons, a rat terrier named Cassie, and seven chickens. She currently lives just north of Three Peaks “in the middle of nowhere land!” Her home runs on solar power, wind, and water from a well. She has lived in Hawaii, Las Vegas, California, and would like to live in Italy someday.

Cindy has traveled to many of the western states, as well as Mexico and Canada and will be visiting the east coast (New York, Boston, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia) this fall! Cindy would like to see the British Isles, and her favorite vacation so far was soaring on zip lines through the tree tops in Durango, Colorado!

Cindy’s hobbies include floral design, sewing, reading, exercising on the Wii, gardening, writing, and traveling. She is an avid journal writer and has journals that go back as far as 44 years! She joined the Elks Club in Cedar City and last year received the Officer of the Year Award!  She loves Chinese food and chocolate dipped ice cream cones from Dairy Queen. She loves to play golf and loves all the Wii sports.

You might not know that Cindy taught floral design to senior citizens in Las Vegas. She was a tandem surfer in Hawaii when she was young and was even on ABC’s Wide World of Sports. She grew up on the beaches of Waikiki, HI and attended Kauai Community College and University of Hawaii, and received her Bachelor’s degree in English from UNLV. A few items from Cindy’s Bucket List are: seeing all Seven Wonders of the World, experiencing weightlessness, reading all of the books on the “100 Greatest Novels of all Time” list, and participating in a flash mob. In the past, she sewed and donated 25 Guardian Angel dolls for the children in an AIDS daycare, and often seeks opportunities for continued service.

Marsha Rowley
Photo: Marsha Rowley

Marsha is one of our Building/Area Supervisors for Custodial Services, covering the Sharwan Smith Center, as well as event setup on campus, and filling in wherever necessary. She has been employed at SUU for 13 years, all in Facilities Management. Her eight children and 12 grandchildren keep her busy, and although she grew up on a farm in Parowan (AKA Mother-town of Utah) and has lived there all her life, she wouldn’t mind moving closer to her children.

She has vacationed in many places, like Hawaii, Florida, Philadelphia, and Chicago (her favorite), but she would also like to travel to Rome, Denver, and San Francisco. Her many hobbies include: quilting in the Parowan quilting club, crocheting, traveling, spending time with her family, cooking new & unique meals, and doing nails. Her favorite past-time activities are walking, going to movies, and enjoying her favorite foods, such as pasta of any kind and chocolate! She loves basketball – her favorite team is Parowan High.

Marsha was on the Parowan High drill team and after graduating, became certified at Red Rock Nail School. She earned her Bachelor’s degree with a 3.4 GPA while working at SUU, and was recently one of SUU’s T-Fit challenge Winners, receiving a new pair of running shoes! She’s afraid of heights even though one item on her bucket list is to bungee jump or sky dive. One of Marsha’s funnier stories took place when she was younger during a slumber party where they played “Truth or Dare.” Marsha took the dare because she didn’t want to tell the truth and discovered she could fit her mouth over a door knob. The only problem was that she couldn’t get it off because her jaw locked up. Her friend had to wake up her dad who massaged her jaw until she could release the doorknob – that’s Marsha!

Ralph Savage
Photo: Ralph Savage

Ralph Savage is Southern Utah University’s Director of Custodial Services. Ralph does various tasks including; managing the work order system, coordination of campus cleaning, and oversees event set ups. Ralph has worked for SUU’s Facilities Management for about seven and a half years now.

Ralph has five children and enjoys living in southern Utah he has lived in Cedar City, near campus for about seven years now. He has lived in Wisconsin, Provo, Idaho, and served a 2 year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in West Virginia. Ralph has traveled to Hawaii and the Bahamas, he would really like to travel to Tahiti, or New Zealand one day. Ralph’s favorite vacation was to Hawaii, because he was able to spend lots of time with family and was able to participate in many fun activities such as; snorkeling, jungle hiking, visiting Pearl Harbor…etc. Ralph really likes to go camping, which is also his favorite past time activity. He loves Dutch oven dinners and his favorite sports include basketball and football; BYU is his favorite team. Ralph has served as the Scout Master for his church calling, and is indeed an Eagle Scout, and also enjoys repelling and snow caving. Ralph also earned his Educational Facilities Professional Certification Award through the APPA organization.

Student Staff

A Mumin Abubikari
Photo:A Mumin Abubikari

Mumin (aka Kenya) grew up in Ghana, Africa and started school at age 10. He received a National Athletic Scholarship in Middle School and later graduated from Ghana High School receiving the Best Student of the Year Award and Best Athlete three years in a row.

Kenya is currently working on his Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Business and intends on going to graduate school to receive his Master's in Public Administration. He is currently in the SUU Agriculture Club and enjoys playing tennis, soccer, running, and watching any political show. His favorite sport is Track and Field, favorite sports team is Real Salt Lake, and favorite food is Ghanaian. He has worked for Facilities Management for four and a half years and currently works in the Custodial Department.

Kenya has traveled to many places including the United States, the Netherlands, and would like to go to Italy or Germany someday. His favorite vacation was when he took his wife with him back to Ghana two years ago. When Kenya graduates, he hopes to influence and change the lives of the Ghanaian people in a positive way.

Mitch Bayles
Photo: Mitch Bayles

Mitch is a student employee who has worked in the Paint Shop for about two years. His job includes painting on campus from red curbs to the T-Bird logo on the football field. He is majoring in Biology/Zoology. He’s married, has a two-year-old son named Jay, and lives in Cedar City near East Elementary school.

Mitch has always wanted to go to New Zealand and loves fishing up in the mountains which he does often. Some of his favorite past times include hunting and fishing. His favorite food is Shepherd’s pie and his favorite sports team is the Dallas Cowboys. He participated in Summer Games, competing in paintballing where he won a gold medal! In high school, Mitch was an honor student, played football and participated in track meets at Parowan High. One of Mitch’s goals is to graduate with his degree in Biology.

Danielle Deleeuw
Photo: Danielle Deleeuw

Danielle has worked for Facilities Management for about 7 months now as a Business Building Custodian. Danielle is a sophomore at SUU and is currently in the pre-nursing program.

Danielle has traveled all over the United States, but her favorite vacation that she’s been on was when she went to Sea World and the beach in California. Danielle would one day like to travel to Europe, France and Austria. Danielle enjoys golfing and watching basketball. She also likes watching movies, spending time with her friends, scrapbooking, and finding fun spontaneous things to do. In her spare time she really enjoys reading good books. Her favorite food is pretty much anything that has potatoes in it and she also loves cucumbers. Danielle was a member of the NHS, and Student Council in high school, and is currently a CNA. Danielle graduated third in her class and was o the Honor Roll. Danielle wants a pet lion.

Emilee Eager
Photo: Emilee Eager

Emilee is majoring in Broadcast Journalism at SUU. She is currently an Office Assistant at in the Facilities Management Administration Building helping with Risk Management and Auditing for the past 5 months. Emily is from Mapleton, Utah, and has a beta fish named Baby. She has traveled to Hong Kong, China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, South and North Korea, and Canada. She would really like to travel to Greece, and her favorite vacation was to Korea with her group of friends for fun.

Emilee’s hobbies are shopping, reading, running, chilling with her friends, watching movies, and playing the piano. Her favorite past time activity is watching movies, and her favorite food is Korean food. Emilee enjoys playing volleyball and watching basketball and her favorite team is the Lakers. Emilee is the First Attendant for Miss Iron County, recently received a college Journalism Award, and received a Service Award several years ago from UVU. She is currently the president of the Lambda Pi Eta club at SUU which is the Honors Society of the National Communication Association. Emilee wants to walk on a red carpet before she dies, be on the Amazing Race TV show, speak another language, and play with a tiger. She has been sky diving which she loved and she can do the ‘bar hang’ for 2 minutes which she received an award from the military for.

Benjamin Harris
Photo: Benjamin Harris

Ben has his degree in Management and is currently working on his BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts). He currently works for Custodial Services on the North end of campus cleaning carpets and windows, waxing floors, etc. He has worked for Facilities for about a month and a half. Ben has two pets, a Love Bird and a Bearded Dragon. He currently lives on Cedar Ridge Golf Course, but hails from Alaska where he grew up and attended NAU for three years before moving to Cedar City.

Ben has traveled to many of the United States as well as Paris, Europe, London, Barcelona, a cruise to the Mediterranean, and Berlin. In addition to these, he would like to go to Australia and Thailand. His vacation to Florida, which included Disney World, was his favorite vacation of all. Ben enjoys video games, board games, and role playing. Currently, one of his favorite games is War Hammer 40K. He also enjoys gardening roses, motorcycling, volunteering at USF (also being an assistant to the fight director), and being cast in the Neil Simon Festival. Ben’s favorite past times are theatre (which his entire family is involved in), writing, and poetry. His favorite foods are pizza, Thaifood, cheese, and spicy food. He enjoys swimming (which he did for 10 years), fencing, and filming sports at NAU.

Ben is a certified Food Manager and Beverage Server and he received National Security Association Certification. He was Valedictorian of his senior class in high school and graduated Magna cum laude in 2011. A few items on his bucket list are: invest in Massage Certification, publish a book, start a hobby shop (modeling, gaming), and start a Shakespearean-themed globe theatre restaurant.

Brent Heaton
Photo: Brent Heaton

Brent has worked at Southern Utah University for about a year, and very recently (2 weeks ago) began work as the Business Operations Assistant here at Facilities Management. He currently holds a MAcc/MBA. Brent also has a 1-year-old son.

Brent has traveled to many locations, including Jamaica, Europe, Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii, and most of the other 48 states. His favorite vacation was his trip to Hawaii, and his dream vacation would be to either Italy or Spain. Brent enjoys playing sports, rock climbing, and hunting, and passing the time by watching movies.

Brent’s favorite food is—obviously—the edible kind. His favorite sport is basketball, and his favorite sports team is the Florida Gators (for both Basketball and Football). He was a Professional Hunting Guide and graduated summa cum laude. He is also a member of PAC. Brent dreams of riding the tube of a wave on a surfboard, and thinks everyone should know that he has freckles.

Ashleigh Jackson
Photo: Ashleigh Jackson

Ashleigh is currently a student at SUU and has been working for Facilities Management for a few weeks as an office assistant, doing whatever Julie tells her to do. Ashleigh is a nursing student and loves to watch surgeries - a lot! She lives in an apartment with three roommates.

Ashleigh has traveled in the states of Idaho, California, and Nevada. Her favorite vacation is going to Disneyland, the happiest place on earth. If she could travel anywhere she would go someplace with a beach, warm water, and a lot of sun.

Ashleigh likes to play basketball, run, hike and take naps. Her favorite food is almost anything her mom makes. Her favorite sports are basketball and football. Her favorite sports teams are the Utah Jazz and the Denver Broncos. Ashleigh is a nationally board certified surgical technologist. She is also a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success as well as the ASL club. One of the things on Ashleigh’s bucket list is to spend New Year’s Eve in Times Square in New York.

Kendra Richardson
Photo: Kendra Richardson

Kendra was a student employee for Facilities Management for about two years as an Office Assistant. She is currently working on her Bachelor’s degree in Communications which she started at SUU and plans to finish at Utah Valley University. She has traveled to New York City (which was her favorite vacation), California, Idaho, Wyoming, and Nevada and she would most like to visit Ireland.

Kendra’s hobbies include playing volleyball (sand, grass, and court), hiking, running, and Zumba with Jelisa. Her favorite food is homemade enchiladas and she also enjoys salad. Kendra’s favorite sport is volleyball and her favorite sports team is the BYU Men’s Volleyball team. Kendra has participated in the Ragnar Relay race and many local 5k runs and half marathons which she enjoyed very much. She has also competed in the Summer Games with her volleyball team where they won the Gold Medal twice! Kendra was in the volleyball club here on campus and played for SUU’s volleyball team her first semester of college.

Something interesting about Kendra is that she’s an identical triplet. One day, Kendra would like to own her own “Glitter” hotel, complete the workout video Insanity, and play sand volleyball on a California beach (because she’s pretty!). We sure miss her at Facilities and wish her the best of luck in Provo!

Elijah Rono

Photo: Elijah Rono

Elijah is majoring in Business and has worked on the Custodial crew for Patrick Terrones since January 2010. He lives in Cedar City, close to SUU, and grew up in Kenya where he lived for 14 years. He has been in the U.S. since 2006 and has visited Oregon, California, and Nevada. He would most like to visit Papua New Guinea because it’s tropical there and his favorite vacation was to California because he loves the ocean.

Among other things, Elijah enjoys reading, biking, hiking, and running and is currently on the Cross Country team for SUU. One of his favorite past time activities is watching movies (action and comedy), his favorite food is Chinese (Panda Express), his favorite sports are track and soccer, and his favorite basketball team is the Boston Celtics.

Elijah has received many awards and recognitions, some of which include: All State, Athlete of the Year, State Champion, Student of the month, and many cross country awards. He aspires to be a professional runner and hopes to one day compete in the Olympics. Something interesting about Elijah’s background is that growing up, he didn’t have running water or electricity, he didn’t ever wear shoes to school, and didn’t own a pair of shoes until he was ten years old.

Nicole Schmutz

Photo: Nicole Schmutz

Nicole grew up in Cedar City and has a border collie named Jake. Her grandfather was a Water Witch in Cedar City, and he located water on Cindy Moxley's property for her well. Nicole currently works in the Lock & Sign Shop and has worked for SUU Facilities for three and a half years. Recently, she graduated from SUU’s Nursing program and was named the University's Valedictorian and awarded Academic All State. Nicole has traveled to several places including: Hawaii (her favorite), Fiji, New York, and bungee jumping in Australia. She would love to go to the Bahamas and to every MLB Stadium in the United States.

Nicole loves going to her cabin, hiking, Mexican food, playing softball, basketball, and volleyball. Her favorite sport is softball/baseball and her favorite sports team is the New York Yankees, whose stadium she’s been to. In her spare time, Nicole enjoys watching Grey’s Anatomy, participating in City League Softball and SUU’s Intramurals program, and being a member of the Student Nurses Association.

Hunter Utley
Photo: Hunter Utley

Hunter is a Construction Management major here at SUU and has worked as a student electrician for about three months now. He has lived in Cedar City for the last four years but is originally from Salt Lake. Hunter has also lived in Uganda and Ethiopia for over a year, and has traveled to a lot of different places including Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, and Europe. One place he would like to visit is Egypt.

A favorite vacation that Hunter went on was salmon fishing for the steelhead runs in Northern Idaho. Hunting, fishing, boating, camping, and shooting his bow are some of Hunter’s hobbies. Football is his favorite sport and the University of Utah Utes football team is his favorite. In high school, Hunter was awarded All-State in football. After high school, he served in the Uganda, Kampala mission for the LDS Church. One of Hunter’s Bucket List items is to go fishing and hunting in Alaska.

Kylie Wilkey
Photo: Kylie Wilkey

Kylie is a Nursing major here at SUU and has worked as the safety aid for about a month now. As the safety aid Kylie makes sure everyone is completing their Safety Trainings, as well as putting in the MSDS information. She also works in the lock shop when they need her.

Kylie has six pets but none live with her. She has traveled to many places including Alaska, Belize, Grand Caiman, Cozumel, Rhotan, California, Florida, Dallas Texas, and Washington. She would most like to travel to Hawaii and Africa. Her favorite vacation was a cruise to the Western Caribbean. Her favorite place on that cruise was Rhotan.

Kylie loves to dance and help others. Some of her favorite foods are pizza and alfredo. Her favorite sport to watch is basketball and her favorite team is the Utah Jazz.  Kylie was named the unsung hero of her senior class, an award given to a student who goes out of his/her way to help others without expecting recognition.

One of the things on Kylie’s bucket list is to go to another country and work in an orphanage. Some interesting things about Kylie are that she has never shot a gun; she grew up in Parowan, UT and just recently caught her first fish.  

Burke Williamson
Photo: Burke Williamson

Burke is currently a student worker for Facilities Management, where he has been employed since April 13, 2009. He works as both a Lead Sign Shop Student (doing business operations, customer service, sign production, and student training), and as a Construction Services and Management Intern (assisting the supervising director in the management of people, finances, work orders, projects, inventory, and construction). He has five roommates, as well as a cool Red Sectional couch, a ping pong table, 3 bathrooms, 2 laundry rooms, and ESPN. It takes Burke about 7 minutes and 39 seconds to commute to work each day.

Burke has lived in Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago, and St. Lucia, and has traveled to Mexico, The Bahamas, St. Maarten, St. Kitts & Nevis, Antigua, Barbados, Guadalupe, Martinique, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Grenada, and Suriname—which technically could be summarized as the Caribbean, but wouldn’t sound as cool. His favorite vacation was a week-long trip to Hawaii in the summer of 2010, and he most wants to travel to South Africa and Australia.

Some of Burke’s hobbies include sports (especially baseball, surfing, hunting, hacky sack, biking, and hiking) and playing ping pong, and his favorite food is Chicken Curry and Roti. His favorite sport is baseball, and his favorite team is the Cleveland Indians. Some interesting facts that most people don’t know about Burke are that he has participated in the National Championships for Amateur Kite Flying in Las Vegas, Nevada, and that he was the Runner-up at the International Hacky Sack Competition in Boise, Idaho. Burke speaks Guyanese, is a member of the Omicron Delta Kappa (a National Leadership Honor Society), and participates as one of the Amateur Footbaggers of SUU. He hopes, one day, to have watched a baseball game in every MLB stadium, and to have surfed every continent…except Antarctica.

Dallin Wilson
Photo: Dallin Wilson

Dallin is currently a student worker for Facilities Management –Business Operations, where he has been working for about two years. He does invoicing, audit preparation, and data entry for all of Facilities. He is a Biology Major, working towards becoming an Optometrist and he currently resides in Cedar City near the campus.

Dallin lived in Brazil for two years while serving an LDS Mission and would like to visit there again someday. He has also been to Jamaica and Alaska, his favorite vacation being to Jamaica. Dallin loves to play sports and also loves to take long walks on the beach with his wife, Reagan, who also works at Facilities. His favorite food is rice and his favorite sport is basketball. Dallin’s favorite sports team is BYU. Something most people don’t know about Dallin is that he has participated in racquetball competitions. He is in the Optometry Club at SUU, he hopes to graduate from Optometry school, and have his own Optometry practice one day. Something interesting about Dallin’s past is that he once shot a fly out of the air with a blow gun.

Luke Wilson
Photo: Luke Wilson

Luke is currently a student worker for Facilities Management –Business Operations, where he has been working for two years. Luke is the Sprocket Technician and also deals with invoicing, data entry, and audit preparation. Luke has one dog named Diesel and currently resides in Cedar City.

Luke has traveled to most of the states around the country and has also visited the Caribbean which was his favorite vacation. He would like to visit Europe, Alaska, and Cancun. Luke’s hobbies include bowling, football, and volleyball. He loves to play sports which he has done his whole life. Luke’s favorite sport to play is volleyball and his favorite sport to watch is football, with the Dallas Cowboys being his favorite team. His favorite food is crab and he is currently in the Volleyball Club at SUU. Luke has earned his Eagle Scout award and was on the Honor Roll in high school. One day, Luke would like to have Dallas Cowboys season tickets and to move out of Cedar City after finishing school. Luke admires his father for his dedication to the military where he served in Iraq for a year.

Reagan Wilson
Photo: Reagan Wilson

Reagan is a Family Life and Human Development major, currently working as an Office Assistant for Facilities Management, where she has been employed for the last year and a half. As an Office Assistant, Reagan is in charge of the filing system, archives, copying, ordering, and working closely with the Facilities Management Directors to insure that things are running smoothly, here in our office.

Reagan has traveled to Arizona, California, Nevada, Florida, Mexico, and Costa Rica—which was her favorite vacation outing. She would most like to travel to England or Italy, so that she can visit their many historical sites.

Reagan’s favorite hobbies include going hiking, riding 4-wheelers, playing all sports, being outdoors, and spending time with her family. Her favorite pass-time activity is embroidery stitching, and her favorite food is hamburgers. Reagan’s favorite sports are Volleyball and Football, with her favorite sports team being the BYU football team. Something that most people don’t know about Reagan is that she threw javelin as a member of her high school track and field team. She has been recognized for being on the Dean’s List—an elite group of students who work hard to maintain a notably high GPA. One item from Reagan’s bucket list is to travel…all over the place!

KC Woffinden
Photo: KC Woffinden

KC is a new employee here at Facilities Management. He has been working as the CAD/GIS tech for a couple of weeks now. He is currently working on a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Tech CAD/GIS.

KC has traveled to the Eastern states, Mexico and everywhere around Utah. His dream vacation would be to either Australia or Alaska. A cruise out of San Diego and into Mexico was KC’s favorite vacation so far. KC enjoys hunting, playing sports, working on cars, and watching movies. His favorite pastime though is being outside riding ATVs.

Steak is KC’s favorite food and the Green Bay Packers are his favorite sports team. When he was in high school KC coached the school’s Special Olympics team. One of the things on KC’s bucket list is to go fishing in Alaska and use his degree to serve people in need. Something interesting about KC is that he used to be left-handed but he is now right-handed.