Fleet Operations

User Guide

Required Driver Training

If you are planning on driving a university vehicle, you will need to complete the Online Driver Training course.

Vehicle Request Procedures

Before submitting a travel authorization (TA), contact the Motor Pool Office for vehicle availability. Contacting Motor Pool may be done by one of several ways:

  • Filling out the online form
  • Calling extension 7792
  • Visit Motor Pool in person

Requesting departments should submit requests as far in advance as possible. Please have ready the account number, TA number, dates & times, and destination.

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Criteria for Vehicle Use

In order to be equitable to all concerned, vehicles will be issued based on the following priorities:

  1. Teaching and/or course attendance
  2. Official off-campus business
  3. Full-time departmental use
  4. Clubs or Organizations as long as they have an authorized TA

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Licensing Requirement

  • A valid Utah driver license is required by full-time faculty and staff for the use of any university vehicle.
  • Drivers should be advised that to drive a university vehicle with a revoked or suspended license is a violation of university policy and state law. To provide a false certification would be grounds for termination of employment with the university.

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Proper Use of Motor Pool Vehicles

Vehicles are intended solely for official university activities and are not to be used for any other purpose. The following are examples of unofficial use:

  1. Activities not sanctioned by the university
  2. Transporting individuals who are not essential to the completion of the mission for which vehicle is dispatched. Examples: Family and friends (unless they are approved on the TA).
  3. No animals allowed.
  4. Conducting personal business.
  5. Driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs.
  6. Driving with an expired or suspended driver license.
  7. Speeding and unsafe operation.
  8. Exhibiting rude behavior while operating a vehicle.
  9. Parking in restricted areas such as "handicap spaces", bike lanes, and sidewalks.
  10. Carrying alcohol, controlled or illegal substances, and weapons.

Finally... When driving a university vehicle, the driver represents the STATE OF UTAH and Southern Utah University. Please be courteous to other drivers. Obey all local and state traffic laws and exercise good common sense, as the driver is accountable for all of his or her actions.

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Vehicle Abuse

Motor Pool is responsible for routine and major repair maintenance of university vehicles. The individual operator and departments are responsible for the proper operation of the equipment. Users will be notified when vehicles are returned in abused and/or excessively dirty conditions. Departments or individuals may be billed for the actual cost of repair or cleaning the vehicle.


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Types of Vehicles Available

The following table lists the type of vehicles available through Motor Pool. The description of features and capacities of the following vehicles should help you in making a decision in accordance to your travel needs.

  Make Style Eng. Seat Cap. Frt. Whl. Dr. Air Bags Tilt Strg. Cruise Ctrl. A/C AM/FM Roof Racks
Sedan Ford Taurus Sedan 6 cyl. 5 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Minivan Dodge Caravan Van 6 cyl. 7 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Handicap Ford Minivan 6 cyl. 7* Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No

* Vehicle can hold 1 or 2 wheelchairs. Regular seating ranges from 2 to 7.

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Travel in Mexico

  1. Before fleet vehicles will be sent into Mexico, it is necessary for the traveler to make arrangements for obtaining Mexican Insurance by contacting Brent Johnson, the manager for Space Planning, Safety & Risk.
  2. Information required by Space Planning, Safety & Risk includes: Vehicle ID number, license number, Make, Model and Capacity. Motor Pool will furnish this information at the time of the reservation.
  3. Once a request for insurance has been completed, Space Planning, Safety & Risk will provide the traveler with an insurance package. This insurance package will be placed inside the vehicle at all times during travel. When the trip is completed, the insurance package must be sent back to the Space Planning, Safety & Risk office.
  4. Reimbursement for fuel purchases made in Mexico will be made under the current exchange amount. You will need a letter stating that Motor Pool has knowledge that your department has a state vehicle.

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  • Every effort should be made to cancel vehicles when planned vehicle usage changes.
  • Motor Pool reserves the right to bill a full day's dispatch fee to departments that fail to cancel requested transportation 6 hours before the scheduled time of departure.

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Checking Out Vehicles

When travelers are ready to check out a university vehicle, please verify a completed TA is at Motor Pool. Motor Pool will verify that all requirements are met and will check the vehicle out to the traveler. Office hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

If the traveler is planning on leaving before 8 a.m., please pick up keys the day before departure. Motor Pool will provide a packet with Accident Report, Insurance Card, Emergency Phone Numbers, vehicle condition, memo explaining Gascard use and a slip with license of vehicle and a PIN for Gascard usage.

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Use of State Fuel Cards

At the time a vehicle is checked out, a State of Utah Gascard will be provided in each vehicle. This card should remain in the vehicle.) This Gascard is valid at participating vendors for obtaining fuel. A Gascard site book is provided in the vehicle. If traveling out of state, Motor Pool will provide a Gascard site book in the packet. At ARCO stations, please enter the pin & odometer as one number.

If it should become necessary, due to station closure or refusal to accept the State Gascard, the operator may purchase fuel using their own credit card or cash. Motor Pool will provide a reimbursement request from the State. This form will need to be filled out and sent to the State.

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Returning Vehicles

When a trip is completed, the vehicle is to be turned in promptly. Vehicles must be returned at the time indicated on the Vehicle Request. Departments failing to return a vehicle at the scheduled time will be billed an additional day fee, plus any expenses incurred if transportation is to be rearranged for another user scheduled to use the same vehicle.


A drop box is located in the window to the right of the door at Motor Pool. Write the ending mileage on the slip, verify keys are in the packet and the Gascard is in the vehicle. Also be sure to gather all personal belongings.

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Reporting Vehicle Malfunctions

There is a form in the packet the driver received from Motor Pool. Please use the form to note any irregularity or dissatisfaction in the vehicle and leave the filled out form on the driver's seat.

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Safeguarding State Vehicles

As with all state equipment assigned the driver must take every reasonable action to care for state vehicles. Failure to do so could result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

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  • The State of Utah provides vehicle liability coverage to university employees, volunteers and agents while using a university-owned, leased or rented vehicle if the vehicle is used for authorized purposes within the course and scope of the traveler's recognized duties.
  • The university will not provide coverage for accidents involving intentional wrong doing or criminal activities while operating a vehicle.


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Accident Reporting

  • A completed Automobile Loss Report Form shall be made on all motor vehicle accidents, regardless of the amount of damage, within 24 hours of the time of the accident. The local law enforcement jurisdiction should be contacted to initialize a police report case number.
  • Accident reporting packets, including the Automobile Loss Report, are located in the vehicle glove box. Names and telephone numbers of any witnesses shall be obtained by use of Information Exchange Cards.

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  • In the event of a vehicle breakdown, the vehicle operator shall call one of the emergency telephone numbers listed on this website. The emergency line is 1-800-CAR-CARE. The ARI card is in the glove compartment with vendor number and vehicle number.
  • The vehicle should be locked when left unattended. When signaling for assistance on a roadway, the hood of the vehicle should be raised and the hazard flashers turned on.

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Traffic Citations

  • State vehicle operators are responsible for the prompt payment of fines for any moving and non-moving traffic citations, other than mechanical failure received while driving a university vehicle. Under no circumstances shall the citation be paid with university funds.
  • Citations received for mechanical failure shall be personally taken to the manager.

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Billing Rate

Truck = $40.00 a day + $0.35 a mile
SUV = $35.00 a day + $0.30 a mile
Minivan = $30.00 a day + $0.25 a mile
Car = $30.00 a day + $0.25 a mile

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Motor Pool Billing

1st to 15th and 15th to 31st of every month. If interested in the cost and destination mileage, please call Motor Pool.

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