Human Resources

Benefits Frequently Asked Questions

(Medical & Dental Insurance, Flexible Spending)

Q. How long do I have to sign up for benefits after I am hired?

A. You have 30 days from your Benefits Eligible Appointment Date to sign up for Benefits.

Q. I have gone from being 50% appointed to 75% appointed, am I eligible for benefits?

A. Yes. You become eligible for benefits immediately.

Q. How long are my children eligible for benefit coverage?

A. Eligible dependents are your lawful spouse, unmarried dependent children from birth until they attain age 26.

Q. We just had a new baby, do we wait until we get the social security card to add the baby to benefits (i.e., medical, dental, life insurance, etc.)

A. No, do not wait until you receive the Social Security Card. Notify Human Resources as soon as your child is born. You only have 30 days from the baby's birth to add her or him to your benefit coverage through the Human Resources Office.

Q. My son/daughter will turn 26 next month, when do I take him/her off my insurance?

A. Your plan provider will automatically remove your ineligible dependent from the plan at the end of the month in which they turn 26. You will be sent paperwork notifying you of this event.  You will also be sent information concerning eligibility for COBRA.  Please contact the Human Resources Office if you have questions.

Q. I have recently married. What do I have to do to change benefits?

A. To add a spouse to the health/dental and life insurance plan, you must complete the necessary enrollment/change form within 30 days of marriage. The coverage will be effective the date of marriage. To add your spouse or change beneficiaries on life insurance and/or retirements, contact the Human Resources Office or visit the Benefits page.

Q. I am in the process of adopting a child; do I have to wait until the adoption is completed? If so how long do I wait and what documentation do I bring with me?

A. No, you do not have to wait until the adoption is complete. Children pending adoption may be added when a petition for adoption is filed or when the final court order has been issued. In order to add an adopted child to your health/dental coverage, you must bring a copy of the documents placing the child in your home for adoption to the Human Resources Office and complete a medical insurance enrollment form within 30 days of the child being placed in your home for adoption.

Q. How do I get new Medical and Pharmacy Cards?

A. Insurance cards for medical, dental and pharmacy insurance are mailed to your home address when your completed enrollment form is received by your medical insurance provider.

Q. What if I lost my Medical and Pharmacy Card?

A. Browse to and click on "Members". After you have logged in, click on "My Member Details" and "Request ID Card". You will be sent two new cards.

Q. Where do I find a list of physicians?

A. You will find a list of the participating physicians for Educators Mutual Insurance on the website at:   Click on "Provider Search" in the middle of the page.

Q. What happens to my insurance when I leave employment at SUU? Can it be continued?

A. If you leave SUU and have health/dental insurance, you may be eligible to continue your coverage under COBRA.

Q. What do I do when claims to Educators Mutual (EMIA) are denied?

A. The first thing to do is contact Educators Mutual and find out why (Customer Service at 1-800-662-5851). EMIA will be able to instruct you on the best way to rectify the problem or discuss ways to appeal the decision. Contact the Human Resources Office if you are unable to get your claims problem resolved after contacting EMIA.

Q. Is there a change in my premiums if I am still actively employed and turn 65?

A. No, there is no change to your premiums while you are an active employee.

Q. What is the last date I can turn in receipts & bills for reimbursement from my flex spending account?

A. The flex spending year runs from July 1st to June 30th of each year, but you can submit your bills for reimbursement until September 30th .

Q. Do I have to re-enroll in flexible spending each year or does my enrollment roll over from year to year?

A. You will need to enroll in flexible spending each year. Notices will go out in April from the Human Resources Office when it is time to enroll. These enrollment forms are usually due by May 31st.