Human Resources

General Employee Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When is pay day?

A. Pay day is the 15 th and the last business day of each month. If those dates fall on a Saturday, a Sunday, a holiday, or the end of the quarter, then pay day can be earlier or later. You can access those dates on the Human Resources web page by linking into "Payroll Information".

Q. How many vacation and sick hours can I accrue before I lose them?

A. A full-time employee may accrue up to 240 hours of vacation time and 1040 hours of sick time.  The hours roll over after July 1st and anything over those totals is lost.

Q. Is it possible to convert sick leave to vacation time?

A. In October any employee who meets the specified requirements may convert up to 4 days of sick leave over to vacation time if the employee's accruals meet the specified requirements. Memos are sent out in September to employees who are eligible to convert time.

Q. What is the procedure when I leave my employment with Southern Utah University?

A.  You need to submit a written letter of resignation to your department and to the Human Resources Office.  An exit interview should then be scheduled with the Human Resources Office before your last day of work.  At this interview, the following will be covered:

  • You will be informed as to any options you might have concerning your health and life insurance, your flexible spending, and your retirement. 
  • You will also be asked to turn in the following to the Human Resources Office:  all keys, ID card, parking tag, purchasing card, credit card, insurance cards (if your insurance will be ending immediately). 
  • You will be asked to account for any other SUU property (cell phones, computers, Art Gallery items, etc) that you might have been using.
  • Arrangements will be made for any outstanding loan balances, accounts payable items, and grades.
  • Arrangements will also be made for the distribution of your final paycheck.  You will need to provide a forwarding address for any future correspondence from the University, such as your W-2, which is mailed at the end of the year.