Human Resources

Retirement Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where do I change my allocations?

A. You must contact your retirement company directly to make any changes to where your contributions are allocated. URS (1-800-365-8772), TIAA-CREF (1-800-842-2776), Fidelity (1-800-343-0860)

Q. How often can I change the amount I contribute to my retirement plan?

A. You may change your contributions to your retirement plan at any time by filling out a Salary Reduction/Deduction Agreement and submitting it to the Human Resources Office. All contribution changes to your retirement plan are effective the following pay period.

Q. When do I become vested?

A. All of a participant's contributions are immediately vested. Contributions by the University for non-classified employees (including faculty members) are immediately vested.  URS contributions are vested at the earliest of 4 years of service for the defined benefit and immediately vested for the 401(k) defined contribution.

Q. How do I choose which vendor is best for me? Who do I talk to about helping me choose the right investments for me?

A. Research, research, research. TIAA-CREFF, Fidelity and URS have a variety of information resources available to you. You may contact any of the retirement companies by phone, on line and also schedule individual counseling sessions.