Internal Audit

Report an Ethical Concern

This form is completely anonymous. Submissions are not tracked and users cannot be identified in any way, unless contact information is provided. Reporting ethical violations or concerns can be a difficult decision for an employee to make, and we understand anonymity may be important. The objective of Internal Audit and this form is to address and fix potential problems, regardless of who identified that problem.

Any dishonest or improper act by an employee, student, or vendor is of great concern to the University. While Internal Audit is responsible for ensuring the University has an adequate system of internal controls, all employees are responsible for protecting the assets and reputation of the University.

If you are aware of a crime that has been committed, you should report it immediately to Campus Police at 586-7793. If you would like to personally meet and discuss your concern, contact the Director of Internal Audit, Marshall Chamberlain, at, (435) 586-7940, or in the Administration Building, Office 201A.

Enter your report below. While more detail helps us address the issue quickly, any information you are comfortable sharing is appreciated. Contact information is helpful, but is not required to submit this form.

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