What can Internal Audit do for you?

How does Internal Audit benefit the University?

Internal Audit benefits the university through:

  • Prevention of irregularities
  • Prevention of loss of funding due to non-compliance
  • Offering another perspective—looking from the outside in
  • Promoting effective internal controls that have a reasonable cost.

How can Internal Audit help your department?

Internal Audit can assist areas of the university in the effective discharge of their responsibilities by furnishing them with :

Analysis—Do you need someone to analyze your expenditures for the last couple of years to help find ways your department can save or identify positive or negative trends? Internal Audit can analyze financial and non-financial data and give advice on trends that they see.

Appraisals—Are you planning on implementing a new procedure or changing an old one? Want to know if a procedure is controlling the risks that your area and the University faces? Internal Audit can help review your processes to ensure that risks have been identified and that the process sufficiently controls those risks.

Recommendations—Do you want ideas on ways to improve your operations, or want to run an idea by a non-biased party? Do you want to ensure your area is complying with University policies? Internal Audit can review your operations and offer recommendations for improvements. We can also provide assurance that your area is following applicable laws and policies. If we find somewhere the area is out of compliance we can give recommendations for fixing the problem before it becomes an issue.

Counsel—Do you have a question about a policy or procedure? Or would you like an outside perspective on a subject? Internal Audit is a good source of counsel on a variety of subjects. If they don’t know the answer to a question, they will help do the research to find the answer.

Training—Does your office need training on internal controls or risk assessment? Internal Audit can help train your area on how to identify risks and how to ensure you have internal controls in place to address the risks. Internal audit may also be able to help you with other training needs.

How can Internal Audit Help You?

Do you have a concern you would like someone to look into? Do you want to talk to someone about an issue, but you want to remain anonymous or just don’t want your boss to find out? Internal Audit is the place to go.

The Internal Audit Office has been set up to remain as independent as possible while remaining part of the University. Internal Audit reports directly to the President and the Board of Trustees Audit Committee. That means the auditors are not controlled by the Provost, Vice Presidents or any other department on campus.

Except when the auditor is required by law to reveal their sources, your identification will be kept confidential.