Purchasing Office

Instructions to Order a Purchasing Card

Ordering a Campus Purchasing Card is simple and quick. Just follow the instructions provided and a card will be delivered to you within 2 weeks.

1) Copy a "Purchasing Card Application" available from this site.

2) The application must be filled out completely.

  • The department name given will be the actual name embossed on the card (along with your name).
  • Only one departmental account number can be assigned to each card. It is recommended that departments use their standard 2 or 3 operating accounts. Instructions will be given later on using other accounts against your Purchasing Card.
  • Name of the Department/Account Manager within your organization that will be responsible to reconcile and maintain records of all your purchases. If unknown, please contact the Purchasing Office.
  • List names, Social Security numbers, and extensions of all employees applying for a Purchasing Card. Important - the Social Security number is used solely for identification purposes, no personal information is required.
  • Application must have Account Manager's signature.

3) Submit completed application to the Purchasing Card Coordinator at purchasing@suu.edu, Ext 7733, or Bennion Building 102.

4) Please review the Purchasing Card Guide prior to receiving your Purchasing Card. The University requires that all Cardholders must undergo a short training session before the card is actually issued to them. Completed Purchasing Cards are delivered directly to the Purchasing Office from the Bank. Once received, this training session will be scheduled and at that time the card will be issued.

5) Any questions, please contact the Purchasing Card Coordinator, Purchasing Office, Ext 7733