Purchasing Office

Purchasing Card

The campus VISA Purchasing Card Program is available to SUU employees to assist them in their day to day purchasing needs. The ease of card use offers (accepted anywhere in the world) a simple, quick, and efficient method to obtain the goods and materials needed to perform their functions. With proper controls in place, the Purchasing Card is a secure and effective tool which allows employees more time to do their functions with less time spent handling cumbersome paperwork.

Initiated on campus in 1998, the Purchasing Card program continues to grow as more and more employees utilize this tool to support their daily activities. As it continues to progress, more functions will be added, strengthening the support this program can offer employees and departments campus wide.

In compliance with Utah State Code, all purchasing card statements and receipts should be filed for seven years.

As of July 1, 2011, Hotels in Utah will no longer acknowledge the University's tax exempt status.  This means that the traveler will be charged sales tax when paying for a hotel room. ADDITIONALLY, P-card holders will not be penalized for having sales tax included on hotel transactions.