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Regional Services

Wes Curtis
Executive Director of Regional Services

Wes Curtis is Executive Director of Regional Services at Southern Utah University, and is also the Director of the Utah Center for Rural Life, which is housed within the Office of Regional Services. Wes has a long involvement in numerous rural issues and in working to improve rural economies.  He has served as State Planning Coordinator for the State of Utah, and as rural affairs senior staff to Governors Michael O. Leavitt and Olene Walker.

Some of the programs initiated by Wes while in the Governor’s office include the Utah Smart Sites Initiative, which helped bring 1400 technology based jobs to rural Utah; the County Resource Management Plan Toolkit, helping rural counties address resource management issues on federal and state lands; and the  21st Century Communities Program – dedicated to encouraging and supporting rural communities, counties, and Indian Tribes in meeting the challenges, changes, and opportunities of the 21st Century through local planning.

In his role as Executive Director of Regional Services, Wes is dedicated to engaging SUU as a partner and a resource to businesses, communities and governments throughout the region through such means as the annual Utah Rural Summit, the SUU Business Resource Center, and various region-wide economic development, outdoor recreation and natural resource planning partnership activities.

Wes is actively involved with numerous boards and organizations, including The Governor’s Rural Partnership Board, the Envision Utah Board of Directors, Emery Telcom Board of Directors, and Co-chair of the Southwest Utah Planning Authorities Council.