Staff Association

Salary & Institutional Governance Committee


  • President, Chair
  • Other staff members (volunteers).  Three members appointed by the University President and two members appointed by Executive Board.
  • HR Director will serve as a contact/resource to the committee

Mission Statement

Act as Advocates for staff on general salary and benefit compensation issues.  Create a respected and influential voice for staff within Southern Utah University.  Educate the local community regarding the importance of higher education and staff’s integral role in higher education.

Strategic Plan


  • March/April - Follow 2nd tier and growth funding priorities of SUU and other USHE institutions
  • July/Aug - Comparative review of prior fiscal year’s salary allocations and track trends between employee classifications, USHE institutions, avg. Utah salary increases, and inflation
  • September - Collaborate with UHESA, Presidents Council, Legislative Rep, and State Senator to lean of upcoming ideas/priorities for the upcoming legislative session


  • Oct/Nov - Prepare annual priorities of the committee and educate/motivate campus to voice opinions for the legislative session
  • January - Review relevant bills in session, subcommittee agendas and promote UHESA day at the Capital
  • February - Participate in UHESA Day at the Capital (hand deliver letters from staff)
  • Ongoing - Produce relevant adhoc information and positions that represent SUU Staff/Staff Association to assist administrative policy / decisions

Meeting Information

Budget Brief - SUU for Fiscal Year 2008

Issue Brief - Utah Higher Education for Fiscal Year 2008

Issue Brief - Mission, Enrollment & Funding

Meeting Agendas and Issues for Discussion

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